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Saturday 1/25/14
Intermediate B2 level


In this lesson, Ss who have been to class will review/practice the passive and 3rd conditional, and Ss who havent seen this material will have an opportunity to use it and have support from other Ss through the scenario of a robbery. Then Ss will learn some descriptive vocabulary and learn/practice how to express uncertainty.


Abc Dictionaries
Abc Jeopardy Youtube
Abc WB drawing

Main Aims

  • Ss will be able to use (or be exposed to) passive and 3rd conditional more confidently, and learn descriptive vocab.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of historical figures.


Stage 1 Review Passive and 3rd Conditional (20-25 minutes) • Practice passive tense and 3rd conditional with returning Ss and create an exercise where Ss who missed the lesson will have an idea of what its about..

Have picture drawn on the WB: broken window, table turned over, jacket on the floor, and police tape around, video camera in corner (for past continuous) Tell Ss that this is my apartment. Elicit the scene: a robbery, and some things that might have been stolen (money, computer) CQ: do we know who did it? (no) Do we know what was stolen? (yes, use words that Ss came up with), do we know how the robber entered the house? (yes, the window was broken). Write demo sentence on board after trying to elicit it from Ss to give them a model. to be (any tense) + past participle (Inst) Write 2 sentences that use the passive tense. (Ss may not be able to think of anything - show the table, the window, the camera) FB: Ss share with WC what there sentences are so I can see if its easy or if theyll need further practice before the test. CQ: How do I feel about this? (Make a clear frown). (Not good) Can I change it? (no) Do I wish that I could have done something differently? (yes) What could I have done? Try to elicit 3rd conditional form. If not, write If. . . . . and have Ss complete the sentence or at least the form (If I had been home, I could have stopped the robbery) If + S + had(n't) + past participle. . . . . would(n't) + have + past participle. (Inst) Write 2 sentences using 3rd conditional. Monitor and then do WC feedback because this is just a gauge for me on where they are now. They may ask if the 3rd conditional can also be passive. eg I can show them: (If I had been called at work, I would have known sooner.) Who would have called me? (we dont know, its not important)

Stage 2 Speaking (4-6 minutes) • To have Ss further set the context through a speaking practice for fluency

Play opening sequence of Jeopardy from YouTube. -Are there shows like this in Turkey? (Riziko! is the Turkish version) -Work with your partner. Put your pens down and talk about the questions on the top of page 110. -Monitor to see if theres any questions about the questions (quiz is like a test, general knowledge- something everyone knows) -Depending on size of class, pairs, with odd person joining another pair. Keep Ahsen and Murat separated as they are both strong speakers and can help others. -FB - call on quiet Ss to see what subject they would choose, who they would choose to answer questions about. . . .

Stage 3 Quiz (15-17 minutes) • to continue the context of a quiz show and provide new descriptive vocabulary

Have you ever been on a game show? Do you want to? You all will be on a game show and answer these questions (110). If you do not know, guess! Monitor to see what language expressing uncertainty is already known. Put in pairs to talk about words. Provide dictionaries so that I do not spoonfeed answers. Monitor to see when Ss have looked up all/most of the 8 words. Write on the board - "The Beatles were an original rock band" and underline original. "Write one famous person or group for each adjective." FB: Call on quiet Ss to share who they thought was like the given adjectives- describe to me who they are. Break (or if enough extra time, have Ss think of a 3rd conditional sentence for these famous people- if s/he had not done that, s/he wouldn't have been famous)

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