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A2/B1 (Pre-Intermediate) level


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Abc HO5 (Speaking practice)
Abc HO4 (Answer key for HO3)
Abc HO3 (Semi-controlled practice)
Abc HO2 (Controlled practice)
Abc HO1
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Main Aims

  • To provide review, clarification and practice of language used for giving advice in the context of sports

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of sports


Warmer/Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

T projects the picture on the WB and tries to elicit from the SS what's happening (Climb, climbing, climber) Make sure SS understand that 'b' is silent in each word, drill. Show a zoomed in picture if needed.

Exposure (8-10 minutes) • To provide context for the target language through listening

Show the SS the slide with the same picture on it, and tell them to form a few sentences using these words. (to be fit, to train, to go to the gym, cardiac technologist, dawn, brave, tourist spot) T tells the SS that we are going to listen to and interview of this woman and answer the questions. Give out HO1 and play the recording 8.1 Nominate SS to answer the questions for FB

Test / Controlled Practice (3-5 minutes) • To gauge students' prior knowledge of the target language

T tells the SS to complete the sentences using words in the box. T gives out HO2 to SS. While SS are working - monitor in order to know what are the most common errors. Listen one more time for FB.

Teach (8-10 minutes) • To clarify the areas of the target language where students had difficulty in the first test stage (meaning, form, pronunciation)

T goes to the next slides of PPT presentation. Ask SS what is the difference between these 2 sentences? (I have a good job/I have to work hard) If something is necessary what word do we use to describe it? (have to) Not necessary? (don't have to) possible(can) not possible (can't) (line with 'have to' on the top, 'don't have to' on the bottom) [meaning] Show next slide to SS [form] Drill the sentences [pronunciation]

Test / Semi-Controlled Practice (8-10 minutes) • Check students' use of the target language again and compare with the first test, and to prepare students for free practice

T tells the SS that they need to complete the questions and answers. Give out HO3. Monitor while the SS are working. Answer key for FB.

Free Practice (12-15 minutes) • To provide students with free practice of the target language

Tell the SS they are going to "Work in pairs and choose a sport from the box, but don't tell your partner about it. You have to ask and answer Yes or No questions to find out what it is." Give out HO5. Monitor the SS speaking, make notes for delayed error correction. Nominate pairs to talk about sports and let other students find out what sport it is (if there's enough time left) Delayed error correction on the board, letting SS make the corrections.

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