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Upper Intermediate,B2 level


In this lesson, SS learn about R for gist and detail through a text about an autographs dealer. The lesson begins with showing SS pictures of famous people's autographs. This is followed by discussing some questions about the photos in GW, Then the SS have to skim the text to answer a gist reading task, Afterwards they will read the text for detail, and they have to answer another exercise in PW, after that there will be a vocabulary handout to be sure that they understand all the new words.


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Main Aims

  • To practice reading for gist and detail

Subsidiary Aims

  • To learn new vocabulary in the context of hobbies and jobs


lead-in (4-6 minutes) • To introduce the lesson and to make the context of the lesson interesting for the SS.

introduce them to the word Autograph by running to one of them to get his autograph ask them what is that called what is the difference between a signature and an autograph get some answers from SS -show students pictures of famous people's autographs whose autographs are they?

Pre-reading task (4-6 minutes) • to introduce them to the idea of the text

we are going to read a text the title of that text is "The Autograph Man". What do you think that means?. pass out exercise 3 (S). have SS discuss the questions in ex.3 in PW. give them a time limit (2-3 minutes) to discuss them.

Optional (8-8 minutes) • Pre-teach some vocabulary that might prevent SS from understanding

Write the words on WB (initially, queue, trading, track down, hooked, rare, latter, get hold of, subsequently, memorabilia, glamour, dedicate, instinct)

Reading for gist (4-6 minutes) • To introduce reading for gist method to SS

Pass out page 10-11 let them skim the text for one minute pass 1 true and 2 false sentences HO's. PW to choose the correct answer then WC check

Reading for detail (6-8 minutes) • To introduce reading for detail method to SS

show SS the phrases and the letters in ex.1. Have SS complete ex.1 PW by reading the text carefully. check it with WC.

Reading for detail 1 (3-6 minutes) • To improve SS acknowledgement about the different methods of R

show SS the phrases and the gaps. Have SS complete ex. 2. Check them in PW. WC check.

Vocabulary (2-4 minutes) • To check if SS understand the new words from the text

show them the matching HO Pass out the HO's for SS to match vocabulary words with their definitions (demo the first out loud). have the students match the words to their definitions. check them in PW. check them WC.

Post-reading task (2-4 minutes) • To get a FB on what they have learned

In PW: would you like to get the autograph of any of the people mentioned in the article?. whose would they get and why?.(WC)

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