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TP 4 - Listening (Vocab)
A2 level


To improve students' listening skills by listening for gist and specific details a story about one family that picked up someone else's suitcase.


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Abc Reading (listening) text

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice using a text about holiday in the context of a lost suitcase

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review and practice of holiday words in the context of family time


Warm up (3-5 minutes) • To generate students' interest in the topic of holiday

Having on the board a personal picture taken last year in Monte Carlo. A map of France and a bit of Italy, in idea to identify Monte Carlo. And also have a picture of F1 race in Monte Carlo. And a picture of an angry man. Asking them: what do you think is our lesson's topic? Guess. Was a happy holiday or there were some problems there? Talk with your partner. Then w/c discussion Our today's topic is holiday. We have a text about Merve and her family t Unfortunately traveling to Monte Carlo. There was a problem. Did you travel abroad, outside Turkey? ask the students

Pre-teach vocab (6-8 minutes) • To understand the text it will be read to them

Introduce the following FC: a trolley a suitcase label - show it on your coat - you can write your name on (realia) grab - asking CQ: do you take it slowly or fast? pick it up - mime check - mime it unpack - mime it collect - mime it - asking CQ: what's the opposite of 'collect'? UNPACK = pick up have a problem someone else's suitcase - ask CQ - is this my suitcase? drill pronunciation write the names on the board Let's play a game: Split the class in 2 groups: CARS and PLANES give these words to CARS group: - trolley - grab - unpack - have a problem give these words to PLANES group: - suitcase - pick it up - somebody else's - collect Model for word plane: mime it. The groups should mime their words in front of the others, one by one. If they guess, they get 1 point. State the winner clearly

Listening for gist (5-6 minutes) • Students understood the overall idea of the text

Assign the task CLEARLY: I am reading a text to you, about Merve's holiday. Listen carefully and tell me what was the problem: - they missed the plane - someone picked up their suitcase - they picked up someone else's suitcase Work individually. Do you want me to read it again? If required, I read it again. Now, work with your partner and tell me what was Merve's problem. (sts check their answers for the Gist listening task). Walk around the class and listen to their discussions. Remind them to speak English and not L1 (jump with the parachute). If you don't hear the same answer from all of them, regroup them. Feedback on the gist task as a class

Listening for detailed info (6-7 minutes) • Students to answer the questioner

Provide the Fill in the blanks worksheet to the students. Read again the text to them. Ask them to work out the WS (they rely on their memory for filling in the gaps, no text is provided yet). Walk around while they are working. Have the students check in pairs their answers (3-3-4 regrouping plane # car # ship). Walk around while they are working and correct the errors, if necessary. Give them the text and give them another 1 min to complete the missing parts, if any. Then provide them the answers to check by themselves. Feedback as a class for some answers. Drill pronunciation.

Free practice (11-13 minutes) • For students to practice the new vocab related to holiday and improve their fluency

Model: I have a questioner in my hand. Last holiday I travelled to Nice, France with my husband. We reached by plane there and we stayed 5 days in a small and cozy hotel. Everything was calm and our suitcase was not lost. We weren't angry at all. We visited a lot of places, but we liked Monte Carlo the most. We want to go there again. Now, think about your last holiday (3'). (Stick a star for regrouping). Go to the person that has the same star and fill in the questioner (3') - ask him/her about her last holiday. Then feedback as a class: Gizem please come and tell us what Esmer did in her last holiday. Error correction on spot. Be sure students the Past Simple form and holiday vocabulary.

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