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reading lesson
Intermediate level


In this lesson students will talk about styles ,clothes, and physical description. They will have to talk about some famous people all over the world and some artist in their country and particularly 2 well know girls in the world. They will have to read for gist, details and at the end a writing.


Abc Answers
Abc Handout(inside out, intermediate, SB)

Main Aims

  • To provide detailed reading practice using a text about physical description in the context of clothes.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide product writing practice of a person description in the context of accessories.


warmer lead-in (3-5 minutes) • to set lesson context and engage students.

I will ask them what they think is stylish at the moment. I will encourage them to tell me about fashions in clothes and image. I will ask them who they think is the most stylish at the moment and which clothes they are more comfortable in. I will make them in pairs to talk about their style.

pre reading (4-5 minutes) • to provide students with less challenging gist and specific information reading tasks.

I will make them read the statements individually then I will put the students into pairs to discuss which ones are similar to their own views about clothes and style. after 3 or 4 minutes, I will choose 3 or 4 students to report back to the class.

pre reading2 (10-12 minutes) • to provide students with more challenging detailled deduction and interference.

I will focus attention an the two photographs and I will ask the students if they know who Carla Bruni and Vanessa Paradis are. I will tell them to read the articles and find out which statements in exercise 1 are the views of Carla Bruni (CB) and which are the views of Vanessa Paradis(VP).

while reading (10-15 minutes) • reading for gist

I will ask the students to read the articles again and underline the correct information. I will check the answers with the class and then i will ask them to replace the names with the names of people they know, making true sentences but I will discourage them from writing anything unflattering about a fellow member of the class. they can use any of the alternatives in their new sentences. I will ask the students to read their sentences to the class.

writing sentences (5-6 minutes) • to provide students to produce the target language

They will have to think about a person they know who has style and write 10 sentences about this person.

Freer practice (7-8 minutes) • To provide feedback on students' use of language

In this freer practice they will have to talk about one of the popular singer or actor or actress in their generation they liked. They will have to talk about his or her style and how they think the style has changed from the past to now.

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