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MODEL VERB ''would''
Intermediate level


This lesson will start by asking questions about what they think it would be like to be a journalist.Then in pairs, they will interview each other by using a questionnaire. Later, we will talk about model verb ''would'' and its usage. In addition to this we will talk about ''would mind'' and ''would rather''. We will do some exercises and at the end we will compare the answers of the questions from the questionnair.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Model verb ''WOULD'' in the context of Breaking News

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a interview in the context of journalism


Lead in (2-3 minutes) • Warm-up for the TL and the questionnaire which is going to be used until the end of the lesson

As a warm-up, I will ask these questions: -would you like to be a journalist?Why? -which newspaper would you prefer? -which field would you prefer?

Speaking (8-10 minutes) • To make them use TL

At first, I'll teach them a chant in order to be sure about the pronunciation of ‘’would you’’ and we will repeat it a few times. T: Let’s go to the cinema! Ss: Would you really (x3) like to go? After this, we will put the chairs in a circle, in fact they will be working in pairs but I will ask them to count especially 1-2 / 1-2 / 1-2 and tell them not to forget the numbers as we are going to need their numbers at the end of the lesson. At the beginning of the activity, I’ll tell them that they are all journalists. They’ll make an interview with one of their colleagues and take notes while they are doing it (answer sheets will be stapled).I’ll tell them not to show their answers to each other. I’ll show them the questionnaire and tell them that the ones who were number 1 will start the interview first. When I blow the whistle, they will turn back and this time number 2s will make the interview.

Focus on the TL-meaning (8-10 minutes) • Eliciting the meaning of hypothetical

I will ask them what the common thing was about the questions. I’ll hang the grammar box on the w/b. After eliciting the meaning of hypothetical, I will ask them which meaning the 1st question from the questionnaire has. After matching the first one together, they will work in groups and match the other questions with the definitions from the grammar box. When they finish the exercise, 1 student from each group will come to the w/b and write all their matching and we will check the answers together.

Focus on the TL- form (8-10 minutes) • Eliciting the difference in the verb forms that come after ''would like/prefer/love/hate'' and the verb form after ''would mind'' and also ''I'd rather''

After talking about ‘’would like to’’ and ‘’would s/he’’ through the pictures, I will tell them that instead of using this form we can also say ‘’I’d rather drink tea than coffee’’. I will write the usage of ‘’I’d rather…than’’ on the w/b. Then I’ll tell them the difference between ‘’would mind’’ and ‘’would like to’’.

Focus on Form (5 minutes) • To notice whether 'd is for ''would'' or ''had''

If I have time, I'll get the students work together to choose between woul and had.

Controlled Practice of the TL (5-8 minutes) • To practise the TL

On this exercise,Ss will work in pairs and complete the gaps with the given verbs. When they finish,I'll hang up the answers on the w/b. They will come to the w/b 3 by 3 and check the answers.

Freer speaking/practice (5 minutes) • To communicate by using the TL

I'll regroup them by putting the number ones together in two groups and twos in 2 groups. I'll tell them to share the notes that they had taken at the beginnig of the lesson

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