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Beginner Level - To Be Negative level


Listening, grammar and speaking for beginners - To be negative and nationalities vocabulary.


Abc White Board
Abc Laptop and Projector
Abc Audio 1.48
Abc Audit 1.49
Abc CD Player

Main Aims

  • To be - negative

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening, speaking, nationalities vocabulary


Listening 1 Comprehension (10-12 minutes) • Listen for specific information

1. Before the lesson make sure the CD is in the player and tested. 2. Make sure the laptop turned on, plugged into the projector and the power point is opened to slide one. 3. Briefly introduce myself Terri from Kansas City and greet the students with Good Morning 4. Have the students sit in the horseshoe facing front 5. Show slide one of powerpoint on the projector. Don't say anything about the picture. 6. Ask the students to listen to the CD with no talking and pencils down. ICQ question. Don't answer own question. 7. Scroll to track 48 on the cd player and press play. Make sure there is no talking. 8. .After the script finishes, stop the CD player and point to the white board 9. Ask the class as a whole, What's the problem. Listen for answers and write when you here the correct answer. Write the answer as He's on the wrong train. Have the class repeat the sentence. Say "Good job." 10. Go to slide 2 in the powerpoint deck. Handout slide two -- 1 per person. Point to the white board. Tell the students please listen to the CD again and complete the sentences on the handout. 8.Say, ICQ question. Will we listen the CD? Will we write what we hear? 9. Go to the CD player and play track 48 again. Say pencils up. Make sure the volume is adequate and there is no talking. 10.Turn off the CD player and go to the white board 11.Move to slide three and ask of the whole class if these sentences are correct. 12. Have the class answer yes/no to each question together 13. For the no questions, ask for the correct information. (i.e. where is she from, etc.) 14. Start 2 columns in green in the upper right corner of the white board. Write (+) is (-} is not = isn't. 15. Practice with the class writing the correct answers, just using isn't only. End lesson

Listening 2 - Comprehension and Grammar (10-12 minutes) • To listen for 6 pieces of information and correct sentences

1. Go back to powerpoint slide 2. Tell the students to listen to more of the story and complete complete all the sentences. iCQ: Listen with pen's up 3. Turn off the CD and give the students 1 minutes to complete the forms 4. Tell the students to listen to the CD one more time. 5. Turn off the CD and give the students 1 minutes to complete their forms 6. On the white board write (+) He's/She's/It's/They're (-) He/She/It isn't/They aren't. Make sure to indicate is not and are not in red 7. Go to slide 4. Ask the class if the sentence is correct. Mark yes/no. 8. Write 2 correct sentences using isn't and is. 9. Randomly select students to come up to the board and correct each sentence. Have the class help them until all corrections are done. End lesson

Grammar - Conversation (10-12 minutes) • Brief conversation between 2 individuals to reinforce the positive and negative to be

1. Make sure all vocabulary is written on the white board. (+) is, are, you are=you're (-) isn't . My name isn't Andrew. 2. Randomly select a student. Go through the conversation with them while referring to the board. Fill in the blanks on the board. 3. Have that student have the conversation with the person sitting next to them. Make sure the class is quiet and observing them 4. Have the class do this conversation with each other in pairs for 3 minutes. ICQ. Speaking only, pencils down 5. Write (?) Where're (Where are) you from? We're (We are) from Turkey. Review with the class. 6. Go to Slide 6. Tell the class quiet, no talking and pencils down. Read through the conversation with the student. Complete the sentences on the board. 7. Have that student repeat the conversation with the person next to them. Make sure all students are quiet and observing. 8. Have the students get up and go around the room asking these questions.

Matching Game - International Topics (5-8 minutes) • Reinforces international vocabulary and negative to be concepts

1. Get everyone's attention and have them return to their seats. 2. Go to slide 7 - Matching exercise 3. Demonstrate the game by the class read the title. 4. Draw a line to match that Cameron is American. 5. Go around the room and have each student try to answer. 6. Have the students correct each other.

(Optional) Speakıng - Use Grammar and Vocabulary Learned (8-10 minutes) • Practice using To be grammar and international vocabulary

1.Make sure all the to be verbs needed are written on the board. 1.Make sure class is in their horseshoe seats with pencils down 2.Go to slide 9 3, Ask a student if the first sentence is correct? Ask them to say a correct sentence. 4. Ask random students until all sentences are corrected (verbal only) 5. Demonstrate by say a sentence about myself that isn't correct. I'm from Mexico. Have a student correct the sentence. You're not from Mexico. You're from America. Write this example on the board. Write examples using is/isn't, are, aren't. 6. Have two more students demonstrate 7. Have the students get up and interact with each other. 8. Play music.

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