Buket Kurt, Teaching Practice 6, 24.03.2018
Pre-Intermediate, B1 level


In this lesson, students learn about indefinite pronouns through guided discovery based on listening about getting stuck in the lift. The lesson starts with a discussion about lifts. This is followed by a listening track. Finally, there is a controlled practice.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Indefinite pronouns in the context of stuck in the lift

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice using the text "Lost Weekend" in the context of a weekend spent in a the lift


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

T plays the commercial video of a woman and a famous actor who are stuck in the lift and asks to elicit; "Where are they?" "What happened to them?" "Are they enjoying it? "Is it sth fun being stuck in a lift?" "Have you ever got stuck in the lift?"

Exposure (5-7 minutes) • To provide context for the target language through a text or situation

T gives the instructions. " There are three questions about Sven's story." "Please read the questions and then listen to Sven's story." (Exercise-1) " Give short answers please." ICQs: "How many questions?" "Short or long answers?" Ss listen to a news story about Sven and write their answers. Ss check their answers in pairs.

Highlighting (2-5 minutes) • To draw students' attention to the target language

Ss listen again and fill the gaps with the words given in the box. (Exercise-2) PC and WCFB

Clarification (5-7 minutes) • To clarify the meaning, form and pronunciation of the target language

T shows the presentation "MFPA". T asks ICQs about the pictures and clarifies the meaning and the form. Sts discuss and fill the table with the words in Exercise-3 (categorizing target words as "for places", "for people", "for things"). (MFPA final slide)

Controlled Practice (6-8 minutes) • To concept check and prepare students for more meaningful practice

T gives the handouts.(Exercise-4) "Work in pairs and please choose the correct option." "You have 5 minutes." After they finish, T gives the markers to them and Ss go to the board to write the answers.

Semi-Controlled Practice (4-6 minutes) • To concept check further and prepare students for free practice

T shows the picture in WB (Barbecue party). T shares some examples: - There is nowhere to sit. / There isn't anywhere to sit. - Nobody is dancing. etc. "Please write three sentence about this picture using the three different objects of target language." "You have two minutes." Sts write their sentences on post-it papers. They come to whiteboard and stick the papers on appropriate part of the picture. T reads them and WCFB

Free Practice (5-7 minutes) • To provide students with free practice of the target language

T writes sentences on WB: Someone you want to meet Something you want to do. Things that nobody wants to have. Places that nobody wants to go. People that nobody wants to be friends with. "Please talk to your partner about these statements. After T monitoring, s/he gives feedback and if needed, and correct the mistakes.

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