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TP 6
Elementary level


In this lesson Ss will learn about benefits, advantages and disadvantages of jobs. They will listen to the Cd and try to find some specific information. they will produce a paragraph about their ideal job.


Abc handout,
Abc Course book, pictures, photos.

Main Aims

  • To improve Ss' listening by listening for specific details

Subsidiary Aims

  • To talk about work benefits, disadvantages and advantages of jobs.


Warm up. (3-5 minutes) • To set the context.

T asks Ss "what is your Job?" "Do you like your job?" "What are the advantages or disadvantages of your job? . Ss will give their answers. T will show some pictures of different jobs to elicit the advantages and disadvantages of these jobs.

Thinking of some jobs (4-5 minutes) • To activate Ss schemata about jobs

T will write some letters on the board. In groups Ss will work and try to find and write some jobs. Then Ss will say the jobs .

Finding the missing letter. (7-8 minutes) • To activate Ss schemata about jobs

T will give the SS a handout. T asks Ss to look at the photos. there are some jobs but their first letter is missing.T says the missing letters to start writing the jobs. Ss will work in pairs to complete the other jobs. When they finish together with the Ss T checks the answers. Ss will write their answers on the board. T will show Ss some pictures of the jobs. T will elicit the stress and pronunciation of the words.

Getting familiar with some vocabulary about work benefits (7-8 minutes) • to practice vocabulary about work benefits

T will ask Ss to read the definition of the word benefit from the given handout. T will ask 'what is your benefit from ITI?' Ss will give their answers.T will try to elicit words 'health insurance, pension, training'. T will drill pronunciation of these words including 'company car'. T will ask 'which benefits are usual in your country?' ' Which three benefits do you think are the most important? T will give Ss time and they will give their answers.

Listening for specific information (6-7 minutes) • to listen for a specific detail.

Before the listening activity T will elicit the words 'best2 and 'worst'. Then T will draw a chart on the WB. Ss will listen to four different people. They first listen to identify their jobs. Second listening will be completing the missing information. after completing the task in pairs Ss will check their answers. then Ss will come to the WB and complete the missing information.

A speaking activity. (4-4 minutes) • To discuss about jobs.

T will ask 'which job would you like?'. 'Why?'. Ss will work in pairs. They will compare with their partners.

Find someone who... (4-5 minutes) • To use the learnt vocabulary.

T will give Ss a handout . They will stand up WC will ask each other about some question related to their jobs: e. g. : 'who has a pension every month?... they will write the names of their friends , When they finish they will sit down. This time they will ask these questions to all and Ss will give the answer.

A speaking activity. (5-6 minutes) • To practise the learnt vocabulary.

T will ask Ss to think about their job. They will write about jobs. For this activity Ss will work in groups. T will give some examples of sentences. e.g.' I work in a big office. I work for a telephone company. I have a company car. The best thing about this job is working with children. I like this job but the pay is not very good.'

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