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The alphabet
Beginner level


In this lesson the ss will learn the alphabet and they will practice it in the context of spelling names. At the beginning the names of the letters will be taught, then some listening practice will be done for specific information like names and letters followed by pair work and role-play.


Abc Name tags
Abc HO-2
Abc HO-3
Abc HO-4

Main Aims

  • To provide controlled speaking practice and listening for specific information in the context of making hotel reservations.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review pronunciation of the alphabet and practice the present simple tense.


Functional language (3-4 minutes) • To provide controlled speaking practice and make the ss move around the class.

1.T hands a name tag to a ss and makes him/her stand up and ask "Who's (name on the tag)?" 2. The ss answering by that name will say "I'm (his/her name) 3. The ss whom the T picked to ask the question will take the name tag to the one who answered and so on till all the name tags have been given out and placed on the desk. Answer key on WB: WHO'S ....? I'M ....

Vocabulary (10-13 minutes) • SS will learn how to name the letters of the alphabet.

Distribute HO 1 in the form of alphabet cards. Answer key on the WB in the form of the whole alphabet. Choral drill of the letters focusing on the vowels or consonants which might be difficult for the ss.. Ask ss one by one to stand up and say the name of the letter he's/she's got. Redistribute the cards and ask them again. Answer key on WB: What's your letter? Finally, T spells out a couple of names name and the SS having the letters which were said must come to the front facing their classmates to form the word.

Listening for specific information (4-5 minutes) • SS will practice listening out for specific letters

In this exercise ss get to hear words being spelled and they have to choose which of the two choices is correct. First, T does a demo on WB. HO-3 Tom - Tim Jen - Jim Mike - Mack Stephen - Steven Enes - Anas Murat - Murad Fatma - Fatimah

Listening for specific information (2-3 minutes) • SS will listen for specific names

HO 2 Who is at the hotel? a.Tom and Emily b.Tom and Katy c.John and Katy After giving them the HO I will proceed to read the dialogue and ask them to tick the correct answer. Dialogue: R. Hello. Welcome to the Berlin Palace Hotel. T. Hello. I have a reservation. R. What's your name please? T. I'm Tom and this is Katy. R. What's your last name? T. Crewes. R. Excuse me, Cruise? T. Not the actor. My name's C-R-E-W-E-S.

Functional language (8-10 minutes) • Asking somebody to spell his name and spelling your own name.

Answer key on WB with demo. What's your name? My name is Ozi. How do you spell your name? O-z-i. Put the ss in pairs to ask each other these questions and answer them using their own names.

Role-play (8-10 minutes) • SS practice spelling their own names in the context of hotel reservation.

T distributes HO-4 and and does a demo with the whole class. Then ss do their role-playing in pairs. HO-4 A. Excuse me, I have a reservation. B. Yes, what's your name? A. Gizem (your name) B. How do you spell your name? A. G-I-Z-E-M (your name) B. Thank you, you're in room 3B. A. Thank you.

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