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Prepositions of place
Beginner A1 level


In this lesson ss learn about prepositions of place through exposure based on speaking and TPR using their personal belongings.The lesson starts with a short personal anecdote which is going to be a context for exposing ss to those prepositions and eliciting them .Some concept checking for comprehension and some drilling for grasping the usage will follow.Productive games will put an end and wrap up the session.


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Abc Straight Forward Beginner T's Bk p 151,177
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Main Aims

  • Speaking, Grammar : Prepositons of place

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practise controlled speaking and review the vocabulary of personal possessions


Icebreaker (5-7 minutes) • Practice on the vocabulary of personal belongings

Show the power point presentation . Ask them to look at the pictures for less than 1 mn . Turn the OHP off and ask them to try to remember as many words as possible . Then as a whole class activity we check how many they remembered.

Stage 1- Story telling (3-5 minutes) • Provide a context for teaching and eliciting from ss.

My story will be as follows: Every morning I wake up .I put my ( showing them the items and eliciting )glasses , my sunglasses, my mobile phone,some money,as it is winter my umbrella and my jacket in my bag. and also my keys. Oh ,yes my keys ! My keys ,but where are they ? I can't find them .Where do you think they are ? Look where they are ,IN THE FRIDGE.Eliciting "in" from ss (showing the pp).

Stage 2-Placing the keys in different locations (8-12 minutes) • Presenting the other prepositions

Place the keys in different locations ,trying to elicit other prepositions eg :on ,under, in front of , behind ,next to. Concept check with other items. Ask ss to pair up, putting their belongings in different places asking their partner where they are. Ask ss to repeat a question and an answer. Write the prepositions on the board. Write a sample question and answer to show the place of the prepositions in a sentence and the question word "Where". Show the stress pattern.

Stage 3- More practice (10-13 minutes) • Internalising the grammar taught

Divide the class into 2 groups(As & Bs) .Give As their handout and Bs theirs . Ask them to mingle with Bs and ask and answer questions using the boxes above their pictures.After asking 3 questions, they exchange their handouts so that everybody gets a chance to ask and answer. Demo an example for them. eg: "Where is the ....?" " It's on ...... " "Where are the......?" "They are...."

Stage 4- Relaxation (5-8 minutes) • Practice on the prepositions and relax

Tell them that they are going to do some activities ,eg: Ok everybody time to relax. Put your your hands on your head. Put your legs under the table. Put your right hand behind your left ear. Put your left leg on your right hand. Put your right hand in front of your face. Put your left hand next to your nose. Put your hands under the table . Move your hands under the table. With your hands tap on your chest. Ask for ss to come and give commands.

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