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Grammar Demo2
junior level


Demonstration of a full teaching of grammar based on ESA and MPF.


Abc Family and Friends 3
Abc Papers and doors
Abc Cube and numbers

Main Aims

  • To understand the grammar and learn regular verb and reproduce a new one based on the sample.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Teaching simple past and Activating students.


Engagement (4-5 minutes) • Prepare the students and their minds for grammar and orienting them positively toward the lesson.

-Teacher gives the paper of 'I did', 'I didn't' to the students. -Teacher asks students to watch the photos and answer to the questions about their last week with their paper. With question 'Did you ...' If they did show the green one if not red one. -Teacher asks more questions middle of the action for more engaging. -ICQs :1.If your answer is yes, can you show red paper? No. 2.Does questions about next week? No.

Study (6-7 minutes) • By using MPF we want to teach and convey the simple-past(regular verb).

-Teacher elicits one of the student's sentences and clarify the meaning of simple past and regular verb. -CCQs '+':1.Can we add 'ed' to all verbs? No. 2.Can we use regular verb for present or future time? No. 3.Can we add 's' to verb for he,she,it?No. -CCQs '_' : 1.Do we add 'ed' for negative? No. 2. Do we change the verb in negative? No. 3.Can we say didn't instead of did not? Yes. -CCQs '?' : 1. When we use did, is it ok to use 'ed'? No. 2.Do we have to use Did first of the question? Yes -Teacher shows more examples and by drilling and individual drill teach different sound of 'ed'. -Teacher boards the form of the structure and does this work by eliciting. -Teacher does all this work for '+', '_' and '?' form of the structure.

Engagement (8-9 minutes) • Activating the students and check students in different level.

CP: Teacher has a stuff that first students choose a number from 1-4 then they choose another from1-10, another student count and the first student can see a verb on that place and he/she should say the past form. (2 min) ICQs : 1.Are you going to repeat the verb? No. 2.when you see 'not' before the verb, should you say the negative? Yes Semi:Teacher gives 6 numbers to volunteers and through the cube then 4 students come to board and they stand around the table, Teacher gives them a box with 25 uncompleted sentences, students have a bell middle of the table, they should pick one sentence and complete it then ring the bell, when time finished, wherever the box be, that person is loser. ICQs : 1.Can you say wrong sentence? No. 2. Are you going to complete the sentence and then ring the bell? Yes Freer:Teacher distributes the paper and gives students different situations and they are going to tell about that day, the things they did and things they didn't do. (4 min) Teacher gives feedback with an open class activity. (2 min) ICQs :1.Are you going to talk about your last birthday, vacation or next one? Last one. 2. Are you going to tell us your friend's memory or yourself? Friend's memory.

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