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TP 3 Vocabulary
Intermediate level


In this lesson, the students will be asked to use various words that are linked to the topic of memory. They will identify correct usage and also use some of this vocabulary to ask other students questions.


Abc Vocab Task 1 Handout (enlarged)
Abc Dictionaries for students.
Abc Vocab Task 2 (enlarged)

Main Aims

  • To provide students with an opportunity to practise vocabulary linked to memory.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To get students to use this vocabulary in conversation.


Introduction (5 minutes) • To get students to think about memory vocabulary.

-Draw a bubble on the WB with the word memory in the centre. - Demonstrate by writing the phrase ' a good memory' on the board. -Ask students to talk about words or phrases they could put on the board. - Ask for a student to come and write any word or phrase they can think of that is linked to memory. -Then ask them to pass the pen to another member of the class

Eliciting vocabulary (10 minutes) • To make sure students understand the vocabulary required in the following tasks.

Instructions- We are going to check some vocabulary that will help you in today's class. 1. Remember E- Draw a picture on the board showing a person remembering a holiday from 2016. C- Did I remember my lesson plan today? (show plan) Did you remember you had an English lesson today? D- Check for pronunciation. If the class is big get students to repeat it in groups. W- On the board in the corner. 2. Remind- E- My wife was going to the shops. I said ' Please remember the bread'. What did I do? C- My wife was going to the shops. I didn't say anything. Did I remind her? D- Check for pronunciation. If the class is big get students to repeat it in groups. W- On the board in the corner. 3. Forget- E- Use the same picture but this time have a question mark for 2016. Do they remember? What do we call it when we don't remember? C- Did you forget that you had lessons today? Did I forget my lesson plan? (show them the plan) D- As above. W- As above. 4. Recognise- E- I see someone and I know who they are. I hear a piece of music and I know it. C- Today, I saw someone I did not know did I recognise them? D- As above. W- As above.

Create a sentence using these words. ( Remove if Eliciting vocab takes longer than planned) (5 minutes) • To encourage students to use this vocabulary.

- Write the vocab words on the board in the centre. Instructions- Work in pairs. Think of a sentence for each of these words. Write them down. I will give you 5 minutes. ICQ- Which words are we writing sentences for? - Monitor class and check students are talking not just writing. If you hear any mistakes write some on the board to go through together. - Feedback as a class and correct the mistakes written on the on the board.

Task 1 (10 minutes) • To identify correct usage of vocabulary.

- Instructions: You will work in pairs. You are looking for phrases that can't follow on from verbs a,b,c, and d. If a phrase doesn't work with the verb cross it out. If you need a dictionary there are some at the front. ICQ- Do you cross out the phrases that don't work? -Monitor and discuss any problems student's have. Feedback answers- a- Phrase 5 b- Phrase 2. c- Phrase 4. d-Phrase 2. Extension- Can you match any of the incorrect phrases with another verb?

Task 2 Complete the sentences (10 minutes) • To get students to complete sentences using the target vocabulary

-Instructions- You will work in pairs. You have some sentences. You need to write one word in the gap for some of the sentences so that they makes sense. Some of the sentences do not need an extra word. -ICQ- Do ALL of the sentences need words added in? -Students to discuss the sentences together and add in any necessary words. Teacher to monitor. Write some mistakes down to discuss after. Feedback- 1 -Blank. 2 -to 3 - when 4- to 5 -Blank 6 -Blank 7 - to 8 - Blank Any mistakes noticed during monitoring can be discussed and get students to correct (WC)

Task 3- Asking and answering questions (5 minutes) • To get students to use the vocabulary in conversation and questioning.

Instructions- Now you will work in pairs. You will ask your partner 4 questions from Task 2. They will answer the questions. Then you will swap roles. ICQ- Where are the questions you are asking? Students will work in pairs and take it in turns to answer questions. Monitor engagement and elicit longer answers if students are giving very short answers.

Plenary- If time allows (5 minutes) • To get students to revise some of today's vocabulary

Instructions- Discuss in your groups. What will you remember from this lesson? What will you forget? ICQ- Are you speaking or writing? Quick feedback to WC.

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