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Copy of Grammar. Used to, Would
Intermediate level


In this lesson students will learn the form and the differences between "used to and would". Teacher will start with a short story, and ask students what they see when they look at the picture. This is followed by jigsaw lesson students will start reading a text about childhood dreams. The students will discuss the text with their partnner. Students will learn used to and would through guided discovery this will encourage them to learn the rules of grammar. Students will be asked to do other excersices and check in pairs this will encourage them to share their knowledge with other students. Teacher will drill come sentences for students to understand and improve pronounciatıon, teacher will give feedback and error correction


Abc using the correct phrase
Abc Drilling

Main Aims

  • To provide practice and clarification of past tense

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a used to and would


Lead in (3-5 minutes) • For students to predict the task

T will put picture of ugly betty before and after on powerpoint ask students what they can see, what she used to look like and how she looks now. This way students will predict what we will cover in the lesson. After a short lead in T will show picture of children doing their dream job in future then T will give Ss to think and discuss with their partners T will ask Ss what they see. Are they working at the moment? Are they in a real world? Are they just imagining?

Vocabulary and Jigsaw reading (10-12 minutes) • An approach to reading that involves the SS in speaking, summarising skills and learning vocab

T will pre-teach vocab before Ss starts reading the text this will help students to understand the text clearer. Vocabulary: cardboard box, blast off and butterfly. cardboard box, Tt will ask Ss when you are moving from you house where do you pack your stuff or where do you put your stuff into. Butterfly: It flies very delicate and only lives for one day. Blast off: T will do a role play to demostrate blast off by firing a rocket. Teacher will write each word on the board ask the syllable and the stress and the form. T will drill and make sure Ss pronounce it accurate. Jigwas reading is very useful task when working with short text it improves Ss communication skills and reading and understanding skills. T will give instructions on jigsaw reading students might find it hard to understand T will ICQ to make sure Ss understand the task. Do we read the text together? Do we just read and not talk to our partner? Are we going to tell the story we have read to our partner?

Guided Discovery (8-10 minutes) • The aim of this task is for Ss to work together and discover the rules of grammar.

T will ask the Ss to work together to discover the rules of the grammar. T will give H/O to students and ask them to complete the tasks given. T will give Ss some extra time and will monitor each Ss to see if they are clear and have understood the instruction. This task will need monitoring and observing for error correction if needed.

Using correct phrases (10-12 minutes) • Ss will do more exercise to practice useing would and used to

T will give instructions on how to complete task 4.2.1 and ask students to work in pairs. T will monitor the Ss if they have understood the task. Ss will continue with controlled practice on task 4.2.2, T will do the first few questions as an example students will work alone and when they have completed the questions they will peer check. T get FB for error correction. Students will be asked to complete the final task pg48 6a, T will do first question as an example for students to understand. T will ICQ by asking if they will work in pairs or alone and when they finish what do they do.

Drilling the sentences (6-8 minutes) • Ss will prounance the sentence more accurate

Ss will listen to the audio and reapeat the sentences to pronounce used to and would more accurate, fluent and smooth. T will ask Ss to work in pairs to discuss the qustions in ex7 with their partners. T will monitor the Ss for errors or good examples of grammar. Ss will complete all the questions and T will allow time for Ss. T will give delayed FB and error correction.

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