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Holiday travel
Beginner level


In this lesson, Ss will be able to depict useful information about two cities in a brochure in a context of travel. Ss will also practice both vocabulary and pronounciation. They will also be introduced to the sentence '' I would like to...'' form.


Abc Reading handout Mr. Black/Mrs. White
Abc Reading handout Barcelona/Prague
Abc words about Barcelona/Prague on cardboard
Abc writing activity sheet

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about Barcelona and Prague in the context of travel

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a free practice in the context of travel


Warm up- Brainstorming listing words (5 minutes) • to allow Ss to share their knowledge related to the topic of travel creating interest in the reading text.

T elicits the key word TRAVEL to the Ss by showing them pictures of various holiday locations, plane ticket and other relevant things. Ss work in groups and list words which are related to the topic. T asks Ss to write them on the board and share their information with the WC

Lead in : Pre reading activity - pre-questioning to activate prior knowledge (2 minutes) • to enable the Ss to make connections between something they already have knowledge of and the new knowledge from the text through self-questioning

T asks Ss to practice speaking about traveling by asking one another a question 1) which city would you like to go to? (T demonstrates the dialogue and drills the sentence with the Ss) Ss come to the board and list the names of cities T asks Ss in a class discussion, a set of questions about Barcelona, city in Spain and Prague, in Czech Republic, by showing them pictures of these cities to getting them to predict the topic of the reading activity 1) Where is Barcelona? 2) How do we get there? 3) Where do we stay?

Prediction activity (10 minutes) • to facilitate reading and motivate Ss to read by introducing vocabulary they will need

T asks Ss to categorize a list of words on cardboard, to stick on a chart on the board divided into 3 categories 1) things to see and do 2) where to stay 3) ways of getting there T corrects the Ss guessings with the WC

Reading (10 minutes) • to locate main ideas and answer specific questions

Ss read the brochure first individually and afterwards, in groups and complete activity #2 on their handout sheet by matching the headings “Where to stay, Getting there, Things to do” to each paragraph. Ss check their answers with their partners and then with the rest of the class.

while-reading (8 minutes) • to check Ss understanding of the reading content

T gives Ss a handout sheet about Mrs White and Mr. Black. Ss read it individually and in groups answer the given question.

post-reading (10 minutes) • To enable Ss to reflect on their own target language use and control their linguistic knowledge

Ss write a 3-4 sentences about a city they would like to visit . (teacher demo first) In groups of 2 students, Ss A reads his/her short writing to partner without telling the name of the city. Ss B tries to guess which city is being spoken about.

error delay correction • Correcting Ss mistakes

T monitors the students during the speaking and writing practice and takes notes to show their mistakes at the end of the lesson.

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