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Guided Discovery Lesson Plan
CLB 4-6 level


In this lesson students will be introduced to phrases they may use when making a medical appointment, whether that be an emergency or a doctors appointment for a less pertinent concern. The students have been learning how to make appointments and speak to medical professionals. This will be an expansion on their previous knowledge.


Main Aims

  • Expanding on the learner's vocabulary to provide specific information to medical providers for medical concerns. The learners will continue to practice talking about dates or times for appointments in the context of health.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Practice past tense and past continuous text in the context of health concerns.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To create a relaxed fun environment for learning, review former lesson vocabulary and introduce the new vocabulary

The warm up will be a brain storm and review from the previous lesson. I will use virtual dice with pictures of medical items on them and roll to help give students clues to words that are associated with the topic of anything medically related. The students will be invited to create a fun story from words they already know. This will be the lead into our lesson on making medical appointments.

Guided Discovery Reading- Introduction to New Vocabulary (Pre-teaching and Intro Reading) (10-12 minutes) • Reading with new words and phrases imbedded in the text to start to familiarize students with the new words.

First there will be a pre-teaching activity. The students will see a slide with the new phrases written, as well as, associated pictures. The students are invited to discover meaning and attempt to fit the new words and phrases into their story previously made. The next slide has a short reading with the key target words highlighted. This will be the context we will use to refer back to our new vocabulary. Students will be invited to think about what they would need to know when they want to make a medical appointment.

Guided Discovery learning Activity #1 (10-12 minutes) • To encourage students to negotiate meaning and build communicative competence

The students will be given pictures and asked to first find the word from our reading that would best fit. The next set of slides slide will be questions where the students are invited to share a personal or fictional situation using the new vocabulary. Encouraging students to find their own meaning to the new words and ways they will be able to use them to build on their competence and independence in their language learning.

Guided Discovery Grammar and Definitions (14-16 minutes) • To have students discover the words forms for each phrase and the tense they are placed in

The last set of slides are the actual definitions of the words or phrases, their forms and pronunciations. Students are invited to think about what tense each word is being used in and whether it is a verb, noun, adjective , etc.. Students will be invited to write them down in their notebooks and create their own dictionary for the words through whatever means they find the most useful, pictures, sentences, actually writing out the grammar specifics of the new words and phrases. The students will be given the actual definitions and word forms for reference but are encourage to put them into their own terms.

Role Play - Communicative Activity (8-10 minutes) • An opportunity to practice in a real life scenario

Students will be given scenarios to practice in groups of two. Each person will have to communicate their medical concern to their partner. One person will be the patient and the other the medical provider. The roles will be switched after with the person playing the medical provider given an opportunity to be the patient and vice versa with a new scenario. This will be an opportunity to practice more fluency and an open task activity.

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