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Teaching Prac 3
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In this lesson the students will practice their reading skills through a text that is taken from Face2Face Student's Book. The topic of the text will be food and some new verbs such as eat, like, love and drink will be used in it. Students will be expected to use those verbs in the speaking activity after reading


Abc Gap-fill Exercise
Abc Reading Text
Abc True-False Handout

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and improve ss' reading skills and to encourage them to use the TL in speaking

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of some words about food that is taught in the previous lesson


Lead in and Building the Context (3-5 minutes) • To generate interest in the topic of the lesson

T will sit on a chair in front of the class pretending to be in a restaurante. After deciding what to get Twill call for the waiter and start to name some of the foods that will be used later on. Then T will ask the ss where he is and will try to elicit the word 'restaurante'. After eliciting ( presumably easily, since it's not a hard topic to understand) T will ask ss to talk in pairs about what kind of food they would order for lunch in a restaurante.

Pre-teach Vocabulary (5-6 minutes) • To teach some words that are essential to comprehend the idea in the reading task

Since some words that ss may not be familiar with will be used in the reading text, T will introduce them by using different tecnics. For example realia for 'biscuits' and 'a cup' or visuals for 'ice cream' or explanation for 'vegetarian'. T will always try to elicit the words. This part won't take too much time as the main aim isn't vocabulary. T will keep the explanations neat and short.

Reading for Gist (7-12 minutes) • To help the ss to find the gist of the text

After given all the necesary instructions about the text, T will ask the ss to read the text and think about a title that can reflect the gist. To prevent the anticipated problem which is ss may not be able to find the most suitable title due to their level, T will give the ss three different options and will ask them to choose the best one for the text. Ss will discuss in pairs. By doing that, the main idea of the text wil be cleared by ss

Reading for spesific info (10-12 minutes) • To ensure that ss read the text efficiently to find spesific information

Ss will be asked to read the text to detact the information asked. This will help them to read it more detailed since there will be one True False activity that is prepared by T and one fill the gaps activity from the book. Feedback of the True-False activity will be done by PW and for gap fill exercise T will nominiate ss for them to write the answers on WB

Speaking Task (10-12 minutes) • To make the ss use the TL in their speaking skills

Ss will be expected to use the verbs that are taught in the previous lesson by Adil. T will prepare a table on that there are ten different foods. Every S will talk to one another to find out who likes what and will note it down to the table. A really quick clarification will be given for 'I Don't Like'. When they complete the table, T will nominate ss individually for FB

Just In Case Activity (7-9 minutes) • To improve students' writing skills

If there's time to end the class, T will ask the ss to write 8 sentences using the verbs: like, love, eat, drink. They will read their sentences after being nominated by T. If there's no time for this activity, the writing task will be given as homework

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