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TP #4A
A1 level


Abc this/that/these/those chart
Abc Gapfill exercise
Abc Realia (magazines, newspapers, maps, chewing gum, sweets)

Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson students will be able to ask questions such as 'How much is this magazine? How much are those bags?'

Subsidiary Aims

  • To recycle prices
  • to provide controlled speaking practice of this/that/these/those


Pre-teaching vocabulary (9-10 minutes) • to prepare students for using the TL

-T shows the HO with pictures of different objects and the words (maps, magazines, newspapers, chewing gum, sweets, batteries, a birthday card, a box of chocolates, a postcard, tissues) in it and tells sts to match them. *T gives an example on the WB *Sts do matching in pairs *As WC FB T writes the answers on the WB. And T analyzes the words. *T does choral and individual drillings. - T using the HO asks 2 or 3 sts: 'What's #1? What's number #5? *Drills the question and the answer: What's #1? - a magazine. *T invites a st and demonstrates the activity. *Pairwork *Error correction

Presenting and Practicing Language (9-10 minutes) • To encourage the students to notice the TL and to provide the students with accuracy practice in a memorable context.

1) - T puts the desk in the middle of the class and puts a birthday card, a postcard, chewing gum on it. Also, on the walls T puts up a map, a magazine, a newspaper. - T reviews the prices by asking several students: How much is this? (hold a subject on the table) or How much is that? (point at a subject on the walls) - T demos the questions 'How much is this chewing gum?'/ 'How much is that newspaper?' by clearly holding and showing at things. - T asks the sts to sit looking at their partners. - T gives out a birthday card, a postcard, a chewing gum for each pair. And T will have several students ask her the same questions. - T drills the questions and answers. T asks one pair to practice for the class. - Pairwork 2) - T adds one or two items for each thing on the wall and on the desk for conveying the plural meaning. - Then T does the same procedure as in 1.

Content Feedback (5-6 minutes) • To give students feedback on the previous activity and to check the meaning of the TL.

- T asks sts to work in pairs and look at #2 in the HO. - Sts have to complete the questions in the chart: 'How much is _____ postcard? How much is ______ magazine? How much are ______ postcards? How much are ________ magazines?' - T makes 2 pairs one group and lets them check their answers together. - T asks them to write up the answers on the WB. - Then T works on pron of 'this/that/ these/ those' - T drills the questions again.(T might do back chain drilling)

Controlled Speaking (9-10 minutes) • To provide more challenging controlled practice of the mix of 'this/that/these/thosewithin a spoken context

- T puts a map, magazines, newspapers, sweets, and a chewing gum away from students. Also, T gives out to each pair batteries, a box of chocolates, tissues (plus they have a birthday card, a postcard). T makes sure to tell them to sit looking at their partners, so they can touch the items. - T will have 2 or 3 students ask her. Then sit with one of the students and demo the activity. - Sts have to practice all the questions by using the items near them and on the walls.

Language Feedback (8-9 minutes) • to give students language feedback on the previous speaking activity and provide with the written practice

- T does error correction on the language from the previuos speaking activity - T tells them to fill in the gaps with this/that/these/those. - Gives out the HO and shows one example. - After the gapfill, the sts do peerchecking - T wraps up the lesson by giving them the answer key.

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