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dicribe a home
intermediate level


In this lesson, students learn how to write and describe homes. They learn new adjectives to describe homes.


Abc home pictures
Abc Reading text

Main Aims

  • my main aim is writing. students learn how to describe their home.

Subsidiary Aims

  • My sub aim is speaking. Students will practice talking about their homes.


warm up / lad in (4-5 minutes) • to engage students with the lesson

I show some pictures to students and then I talk about my favourite home. Then students will be asked to talk in pairs about their favourite home.

pre - teach vocabulary (3-4 minutes) • engage students with new vocabulary.

I will ask students how does your home look like? I will write answers on the board.

Teach new vocabulary (5-6 minutes) • Teach students new adjective retaliated to the subject.

I will elicit MFP and then ask students CCQ to achieve new vocabulary. CCQ are based on the previous stage. what is another way to say big with a lot of space? spacious what is the word to say very beautiful and good? magnificent what is the synonym for perfect? ideal what is the word to say extremely exciting and surprising? breathtaking what is another way to say very great? superb

pre- reading (1-2 minutes) • To provide a quick warm up for the reading

I show pictures of reading text and then I will ask students what do think of the topic? where are the homes in this picture? In the city or outside the city. how many rooms do you think they have?

post reading (6-7 minutes) • Reading to find answers

Students have to read two texts individually and then answer question A. They have to talk together and share their ideas.

Controlled practice (4-5 minutes) • cheek students understanding of all adjective in the first text.

Students have to find and underline all adjective in the first text. They work individually and then check the answer together.

Controlled practice 2 (3-4 minutes) • Enable students to think about subsidiary adjective in the second text.

Students have to change the adjective ( nice) with a suitable adjective in the second text. They need first work individually and then check the answer together. I will give students the answer key later.

Writing practice (3-4 minutes) • To enable students write about home and use newly learnt adjective in their writing.

I will give students paper. They should complete the template with their own answers and try to use newly learnt adjectives. Then they will check together.

Error correction (4-5 minutes) • To notice and address students errors.

I will monitor the students and write some errors. At the end of the class, I write on the board and correct them.

Reflection (2-3 minutes) • to cheek students what they learn toddy.

I request students to write on the paper what they learn today.

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