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TP 8 Unit 8
Beginner A1 level


The goal of this lesson is to give students a variety of tools (lexis, grammar, vocabulary, reason, format, personal, connection and audience) so that the culmination showcases the students' ability to synthesize all the information into a coherent text that reflects reading for and giving an opinion.


Abc Handout: (Gist) Golden Dragon Restaurant Review
Abc Screen shot of Yelp (restaurant reviews)
Abc Waitstaff Image
Abc Handout: Sisli Salad Restaurant Review
Abc Restaurant Review Template

Main Aims

  • The main aim of this lesson is to give students new vocabulary, review was/were and then encourage them as they use these in a final writing activity.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide students with new vocabulary to be used in the context of a expressing opinion by way of a written restaurant review. Also to utilize use of was/were.


Stage 1: Lead-In/Context (4-7 minutes) • To set the stage with food and restaurants, within a framework of "opinion" for students. Also, pre-teaching vocabulary.

Class Set Up: Chairs facing each other like "tables", music playing, and an interior picture of T's favorite restaurant projected on whiteboard to facilitate an restaurant-like setting. -T reads short review/description of favorite restaurant. Read with great verve and delight so as to emphasize adjectives and model (authentic!) enjoyment of this restaurant. - After reading, T gives students copy of the text she just read and asks them to underline the adjectives. (Clarify adjective if needed?) "The food is hot and tasty." While students underline, T puts on whiteboard in vocabulary box: was: I/she/he/it were: they/we -T takes FB and records on the board all the adjectives that students underlined and adds any that haven't been mentioned. + staff amazing - rude delicious terrible nice great bad helpful very good favorite review: when this comes up, show yelp page to students for a turkish restaurant. -T addresses pronunciation and intonation

Stage 2: Pre-Writing/Gist Reading (5-6 minutes) • Expose students to reading and expressing opinion by reading for gist.

-T passes out Golden Dragon Restaurant review Handout. "Please read ALONE and then answer the questions with your partner." -T: Whole class FB

Stage 3: Awareness of Structure (7-8 minutes) • Give students models for both structure and main statement/opinion continuity for later writing activity.

-T gives handout for Sisli Salad Restaurant. "Read the review ALONE and talk with your partner about the questions". -T takes WC FB....what's wrong? No agreement...: (Don't eat here, terrible food, sick CONTRADICTS with try the Tuna Salad and enjoy!) How to make it right? Take out the comment about Tuna Salad. (Line through) Add...don't go!!

Stage 4: Writing/Production (10-15 minutes) • Give students production task that utilizes vocabulary, opinion models and was/were to create written restaurant review.

-T: " I am new in Istanbul. I want a new favorite restaurant, but I need your help. Please write a restaurant review for your favorite reason. Tell me why it's your favorite. Use words from the board" POINT OUT VOCAB SQUARE ON BOARD. -Monitor and help if needed.

Stage 5: Follow-Up Task (7-10 minutes) • Give students the opportunity to share their opinion/review with their peers and teacher (since finding a "new" restaurant is the motivation.

-T: Count students off in number divisible by whatever the total is so they can be in groups of three (ish). -T instruction" In groups, students read their reviews to each other and decide which one is best" The best from each group will be read and called the winner for the "new" restaurant.

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