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CELTA Course, First Lesson, Explore Writing
Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will be warming up to write their own book reviews (they will be covering the real writing part with Josef). Students will be reading two different book reviews on the same book to complete gist and specific information questions. Reading the reviews will give them a better understanding on how to write book/movies reviews.


Main Aims

  • To give practice in reading for gist, specific information and detail in the context of book reviews.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review modifying adverbs and strong adjectives. To give practice in speaking for fluency (only when having enough time to do it).


Making Rules (1-2 minutes) • Encourage students to speak English

- Teacher posts the paper (English Zone Only) on the board. - Teacher asks students to read what is written on the paper. - Teach asks whole class if they know the meaning of it. * Students answer yeas/no. If yes? Then students have to say the meaning. If no? Then the teacher does the explanation using easy language. - Teacher stresses the importance of speaking English only.

Pre-Reading (1-2 minutes) • Create Interest in the topic

- Teacher directs the following question to the whole class ''Who likes travelling and visiting new places?'' - Teacher gets feedback from sudents.

Pre-Reading # 2 (Exercise 1, P. 12) (4-5 minutes) • Creating interest and warming up

-Teacher writes the three questions on the board before the lesson begins (not to waste time). - Teacher tells each student to work with the person sitting next to him/her (PW). -Teacher checks that all students know their partners. - Teacher tells students to discuss questions written on the board with their partners and clarifies that all these questions are about travelling. * Students discuss the questions in pairs. - Teacher takes feedback from students (at least two different answers from two different pairs for the same question).

Pre-Reading # 3 (2-3 minutes) • Giving students important vocabulary to make things clear when moving to other activities.

-Teacher asks whole class if anyone of them knows the meaning of ''book review''. * Students answer. If yes? Then the teacher asks one of the students who knows to give the meaning 1) to check if they have got the right information about the vocabulary 2) to use peer teaching technique. If not? Teacher explains the meaning by telling a story.

While (predictions) (exercise # 2, P. 12) (4-5 minutes) • To prepare students to read for gist.

-Teacher shows students an image of the book cover ''The Book of the World'' using the overhead projector or normal printed image (I went for the second choice). - Teacher asks students about what she is holding. Then he/she asks one of the students to read the title of the book. -At first, the teacher holds the copy of the book cover in his/her hands, then stick it on the board. - Teacher hands out cards with the three questions in ex.2 to all students. - Teacher emphasizes that this activity is completed by guessing. - Teacher shares some ideas with students about the first questions (modeling to show students how to complete the task). - Teacher asks students to answer the three questions about the book with the same partner and to write their answers down (for rechecking).

While/ reading for gist (6-7 minutes) • Students read the passages to check if their guesses were correct or not.

- Teacher puts students into to groups. For today's lesson, I choose to use colored papers (blue and orange) to group students. - Teacher check that all students are sitting in the right group. - Teacher shows the two book reviews on the board using the overhead projector. - Teacher tells students that these texts are book reviews about ''The Book of he World". * Each group of students reads one of the reviews only for 2 minutes. - Teacher asks students to stop and compare their answers with other students in the same group. - Teacher asks students to discuss the rating of the books in their groups.

While/ Reading for details (10-11 minutes) • Students having a closer look at the text and improving their reading skills.

- Teacher prepares a set of questions to be given to each group (blue group and orange group) about the book reviews. * Students find the answers to the questions (2-3 minutes) and then they discuss check their answers with each other (1-2 minutes). - Teacher gives answer keys to each group to recheck and confirm (1 minute). - Teacher rearranges the students to work in pairs (one student from the blue group+one student from the orange group). * Students discuss the two reviews together.

Post-reading # 1 (exercise 4) (5-6 minutes) • One of the two subsidiary aims.

- Teacher writes the four adverbs on the boar, and she adds another extra example for the usages of adverbs with verbs. - Teacher asks different students to come out to the board, find out the four words in the two reviews and underline them. - Teacher asks students if they can notice any patterns or any similarities between the four word. * Students start guessing. - Teacher highlights that the ''ly'' is the common thing between the four words. -Teacher explains the use of adverbs and the meaning of strong adjectives.

Post-reading # 2 (3-4 minutes)

-Teacher gives students handouts with some questions to discuss. * students discuss questions in the handout with a partner. - Tear asks for feedback.

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