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TP2 // Listening Lesson: Unusual Jobs
Pre-Intermediate level


Radio Interview (Audio Clip) used for Listening Comprehension and Speaking Exercises.


Abc PPT Presentation- What a Job!
Abc Audio Clip for Listening Exercises

Main Aims

  • To provide listening practice for specific info and detail in the context of a radio interview about unusual jobs.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of lexis in the context of radio interview about unusual jobs.
  • To achieve fluency speaking.


Lead-in: Listening Preparation (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Share screen on presentation, with Career visuals on screen. Say: OK, today we are going to be speaking and listening to information about jobs. Ask students: When you were young, what job did you want to have? (Model answer, then Students give answers as called on) Would you change that choice as an adult? (Model answer, Students give answers as called on)

Pre-Teach Vocabulary (8-10 minutes) • Go over MFP

Say: Now we will go over some challenging words from the listening exercise. Show slide with words. Go over word meanings. Show jumbled definitions, and have student match the vocabulary word with its meaning on screen. After each slide, show visual examples and repeat the words. Go over pronunciation. Vocab 1: unusual Vocab 2: fortune cookie Vocab 3: diver Vocab 4: studio

Listening Task 1 (8-10 minutes) • Practice Listening for Gist

Send Handout in Chat Link, show thumbnail of handout on slide. Open handout and show onscreen to confirm all students have access. Allow student to read the directions on their own. Play the audio file with everyone still in the main zoom room. (2:35) Ask if there is are any questions about questions in the handout. Do excercise 1, as a demonstration withe the class Push to breakout room to answer the remaining questions with partners. (Matching pictures with paragraph ordering). Go over correct answers as class/ OCFB

Listening Task 2 (7-8 minutes) • Practice Listening for Detail

Send Handout 2 to Chat. Show students thumbnail of Handout and confirm all can open it. Tell the students we will listen a second time and answer questions in the handout on our own while listening. Ask if there are questions about the questions. Students listen a second time to audio clip (2:35), this time for detail stop when you get to the question for question 1. Read the first question on the handout, and give answer: Paul thinks testing furniture is an interesting job (False). Give students 2 minutes to answer. Allow students to check answers key slide for correct answers. OCFB True or False: Paul thinks testing furniture is an interesting job. Furniture testers have a lot of questions. A company in New York makes 4.5 million fortune cookies a year. Fortune cookies started in China in the 19th century, Golf ball divers sell the balls they find. In the UK, golfers lose about 1 million balls a year.

Production Task (5-7 minutes) • Speaking Practice

Display slide to students and ask them to read the questions silently. Model the first question and provide your own answer. What was your favorite job to have? Why? What do you think is the worst job in the world? Ask if they understand. Tell them they will have the questions in their breakout rooms. Push to break out rooms to discuss. Once in BOR- Broadcast the discussion questions immediately. Observe the rooms and make notes of language usage for DEC.

Delayed Error Correction (3-5 minutes) • Provide feedback on usage observed during lesson

Get feedback from the students conversations... What was your partner's favorite job? Use the presentation as a whiteboard. Present 3 good use examples. Present 1 bad use example. Ask if there are any other questions about the words used today. If you need to fill more time, go over Production Task responses.

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