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Teaching Practice 5
Upper-Intermediate level


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of collocations with give in the context of things we give to others.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice through conversations and discussions in the context of things we give to others.


Lead In (4-5 minutes) • To set context of collocations with give

-T puts pics on WB -T "what are these hands representing?" (T waits for Ss to say giving) -T "In Pairs, discuss what can we give to others?" -Ss discuss in pairs -T listens for examples to write on the WB -T "do we always give things? is it always good things?" -T "We will look at other things we give"

Vocab Test (10-11 minutes) • For the T to find out which words are actually problematic for students.

-Ss will categorize the vocal words they know, not so sure they know, and don't know. -Ss will mingle and help each other explain the words they don't know and aren't so sure they know and put all words in the “I know” box. -FB: T will ask which words they are not so sure of and explain those words only. -If Ss know about 50%, T will skip the clarification part and focus only on those words that are problematic instead of every single vocab

Clarification of Meaning (3-4 minutes) • to introduce collocations with give, Ss will then learn Pronunciation

-If Ss got most of the words then SKIP this stage -T puts the TL on the WB -In PW Ss discuss what they know about these words -T gives certain students the synonyms of the words -Ss match words with synonyms.

Clarification Pronunciation (3-4 minutes) • to have practice P and clarify specific words

-If Ss get most then only focus on those which are hard for them. -T writes phonemes under ‘damn’, ‘thought’, ‘doubt’, to clarify pronunciation -Ss do WC drilling and Indiv drills -Ss practice ‘benefit of the doubt’ with backchaining style

Clarification of Form (4-5 minutes) • to have Ss learn the form of each specific collocation to be able to practice in controlled activities

-If Ss got most then ONLY practice those which are harder for them -T sticks chart on WB categorising each collocation -In PW Ss study the charts -T walks around to hear if any are problematic for Ss -If Ss still need help, T writes form of specific problematic collocations

Controlled practice Matching (5-6 minutes) • to give Ss a specific definition of each collocation to prepare them for the in text exercises

-T “By yourself, write the number and name next to the correct definition, don't forget to write the full term to practice the form of each collocation” -Ss will do a matching exercise to practice the definition of the words as well as the form. -In Pairs Ss will check their answers -T will pass answer key

Controlled Practice Complete Sentence (4-5 minutes) • to have Ss practice the TL by having to choose which collocation fits better.

-T “By yourselves, chose which collocation completes the sentence” -Ss compare answers in PW -FB: T writes [1-8] on the WB and Ss come up to write the collocations they used for each exercise e.g. [1. gives me a headache]

Flexi-Freer practice Speaking (4-5 minutes) • to give Ss the opportunity to discuss and show they have understood the meaning of each collocation

-T “Tell your partner whether each sentence is true for you or not and for each sentence give some extra information. why is it true or why is it not true” -In PW students discuss each sentence.

Freer Practice Mingle (13-15 minutes) • to have students produce sentences for different collocations

-T “you have to fill this chart with sentences from different classmates. you cant have the same classmate give you two sentences. You have to write the name of the person who gave you the sentence. Sentences have to have a Subject, collocation, and a preposition when needed. -E.g. [I gave you a hand. is incomplete. I gave you a hand with your books is correct.]

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