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gradable and non-gradable adjectives
intermediate level


in this lesson students will get to know the meaning of the gradable and non-gradable adjectives by using vocabulary to understand the difference between each one. also the difference between the adverbs we use with those adjectives. students are going to know how to use those adjectives to describe some kind of extreme situations or feelings.


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Main Aims

  • to understand the difference between gradable and non-gradable adjectives by speaking

Subsidiary Aims

  • using adjectives to express some kind of dramatic situations


lead-in (5-8 minutes) • break the ice and then introduce the first activity

I will ask the students if they experienced any kind of extreme feelings lately by using examples ( as watching a horror movie , getting on a roller coaster) then i will start talking about the gradable and non-gradable adjectives that expresses extreme situations and ask them to look at the table on the sheet.

comprehension task (6-10 minutes) • to understand the meaning of the adjectives

I will show the students every single picture (smiley faces) and ask them to tell what kind of feelings does each face make sure that everyone understands what does each adjective means. i will ask the students to put the adjectives in a table (ex 2) by finding similar meaning of each adjective and we are going to answer the exercise together.

working in pairs (5-9 minutes) • answering the questions on the hand out

I will ask the students to take a look at the exercise and answer the questions by working in pairs. and we wil check the answers together and then i will make sure that everyone gets the right and clear answer .

Main aim (5-8 minutes) • make sure that the students are able to regonize each adjective by hearing the pronouciation

the aim the of this stage is understanding more than pronunciation, I will ask the student to repeat the sentences after they listen to the recorder in order to know if they can place the adverbs in the right place also to make sure that they understand the meaning of each adjectives

understanding-check (5-10 minutes) • expressing emotions in different situations

I will point out the picture on the hand out to the student and ask them to guess how they think the people on the rollercoaster might be feeling. i will suggest each of the student different situation from the sheet and ask him to tell me how would he feel if he were in that situations by using the adjectives given then i will ask them to tell each other if they have ever experienced that situation in real life always by using the same adjectives or they can simply use their own adjectives

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