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In this lesson Ss will revise the vocabulary of personal possession. They will practice also practice asking and answering for personal possession and prepositions of place (in & on) . The lesson will mainly focus on speaking activities.


Abc Course Book (face2face Elementary Photocopiable)

Main Aims

  • To make students talk about personal possession.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To revise the vocabulary of possession, asking and answering for possessions (do you have..?/ what do you have?) and prepositions of place (in & on).


Lead-In (7-10 minutes) • To revise and drill the vocabulary of possession.

Greet Ss and ask "How are you?" Review the vocabulary of possession and introducing some new vocabulary items which they might need for the next exercise thorough visuals on the board by asking "What is this" question, drill each word, highlighting the stress. Pairs Ss and wants them to ask their partner whether they have these items on the pictures.

Speaking Practice (10-15 minutes) • To practice the vocabulary and structure of personal possession

T explains the Harry & Harriet: personal possession handout. T divides the class into 2 groups and asks them to talk about what Harry has and what Harriet has as a group. T pairs Ss as Harry and Harriet. Tells them they have different and same possessions. They have to find the different possessions that they have and mark them as 'D' for different and same possessions and mark them as 'S-Same'. T models the dialogue that Ss should follow in order to do the task. Teacher checks the answers as WC.

Speaking Practice (7-10 minutes) • To practice the prepositions of place (in & on)

T gives Ss HO -Harry and Harriet possession checklist. On the handout they will see a table showing what Harry has in his room and what Harriet has in her room. T pairs the students as Harry and Harriet and wants to ask and answer about the places of each possession on the handout. Teacher asks Ss to write their answers on the WB.

Game - 'Tell me your Room' (8-10 minutes) • To revise prepositions of place

T calls one of the students to the board. She asks another student to describe his /her room (what does he /she have in his /her room), the other student at the board should draw the student's room based on his / her description. Before starting the game T demonstrates the game.

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