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Reading and Speaking (Question Formation)
Intermediate Level B2 level


In this lesson, students learn about coincidences through reading texts about American presidents. The lesson will start with a discussion on coincidences, followed by a reading on the texts provided. They are then asked to prepare questions based on the reading, which will follow a speaking activity. They will also be asked to find coincidences between themselves with a final speaking activity at the end.


Abc 4D Speaking Exercise 1 (Student A)
Abc 4D Speaking Exercise 1 (Student B)

Main Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a Conversation
  • To provide scan and inference reading practice using a text about American presidents

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of Coincidence
  • To provide practice of language used for Forming questions


Stage 1 • Introduce the lesson on the context of coincidences

An example or anecdote about coincidences will be told. A gist question will be asked to sts, in order to listen and answer the question: 'Has anything like this ever happened to you?' (or another suitable question).

Stage 2 • Understanding 'Coincidence'

Eliciting the word 'coincidence', eliciting its adjective form. Checking the understanding of the word, drilling it, writing it on the board, with part of speech and stress.

Stage 3 • Who are the presidents?

Showing pictures of JFK and Abraham Licoln and asking sts who they are. Brainstorming what they know about these presidents for a few minutes. Telling the sts there are some coincidences about them to get them interested in the texts.

Stage 4 • Group Work

The class will be divided into As and Bs. Texts will be provided, instructions will then be voiced for them to prepare questions for the gaps. They can do this in pairs within their groups. Pair to pair peer check of the questions. Monitoring and corrections at this stage are appropriate.

Stage 5 • Pair Work

Groups of A & B sts will then be paired with each other. Sts are then required to ask and answer their questions to complete their texts, where they will be able to find coincidences.

Final activity • 5 questions about yourself

Tell sts to write down 5 pieces of info about themselves eg. I like skiing. Then sts mingle and say their senteces to other sts and try to find people who they have something in common with. After the mingle, sts report back to the class what they found out eg. I like skiing and so does Serkan.

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