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TP#:3b- People
A1 (beginner) level


In this lesson, students learn some adjectives and how to put them in a sentence correctly paying attention to the word order and the use of "very" with adjectives through guided discovery based on a reading text about an email describing a place and its people. The lesson starts with introducing the adjectives by eliciting them from students using pictures then a matching exercise. This is followed by illustrating the word order used with adjectives then an exercise to practice this. Finally, there is reading that includes reading an email then answer some true and false questions.


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Main Aims

  • LF- adjectives

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading


stage 1 ( lead in) (3-4 minutes) • to make ss interested in the topic and to present the adjectives

First, I will ask them about the weather today like; How is the weather today? if they do not understand the meaning I will make some gestures that show that I am cold to elicit the adjective "cold". then I will draw a thermometer and write next to it 35 degrees, to make them understand that it is a temperature in order to elicit the adjective "hot". Then another thermometer with 50 degrees to elicit " very hot". I will highlight the additional degrees to make them understand that it is not just "hot". it is "very hot".

stage 2 (7-8 minutes) • eliciting the rest of the adjectives

I will give ss some pictures after putting them in groups and ask them to tell each other what can they see in each picture. The instructions will be: in your group, say (and will point to my mouth to illustrate what I mean by say) what are there in each picture and I will do in front of them the first one such as; I: who is this? ( I will carry the photo of the Turkish celebrity Hazal kaya ss: she is hazal If they know her name it is ok, if not I will say: look at her face. Do you like her? ss: yes I: why? ss: she is beautiful. I will ask them to repeat it then I write it on board and do the same thing for the rest of the photos to elicit the adjectives: ugly ( here I point to the picture and say; is she beautiful? ss: no I: then she is ..... I will go through the picures one by one to cover all the adjective in exercise 1. at the end I will emphasize the idea that those are opposites by saying; are those two pictures the same? ss: no I: what are they? ss:..................opposites or maybe they do not know this word so I will say it in that case. I need also to emphasize that those are adjectives.

stage3 ( matching exercise) (2-3 minutes) • to make sure all of the ss get the meaning

I will give each one a handout and ask them to match the pictures to the adjective. Then I will nominate ss to answer.

stage 4 (4-5 minutes) • introducing the word order

I will write sentences on board and ask ss in pairs to discuss which one is right and which one is wrong. Then I will do the feedback by asking one from each group about the answer.

stage5 (5-6 minutes) • practice the word order

ss do exercise 3 by giving them small cards that contain words and tell them to make a sentence in the right order like a puzzle game ( I do the first one as an example by scattering words on board then ask; How do I make a sentence? this word first or this? ). and I will state the end of the exercise using the bell of my cell phone. Then ss write the answers on board.

stage 6 (5-6 minutes) • pre-teach vocabulary

I draw a hotel and write on it "Dedeman" and ask; what is this? ss: hotel I draw a room and a restaurant and say; what is this? ss: room, restaurant I ask; is there any internet cafe ss: no me: so there are a say here "room" and a ......... ss say "restaurant" ,but there is no ........... internet cafe, I highlight and ,but. I ask where is the room? ss: near the restaurant. I draw a person and name him jack and ask; who is here? ss: jack is here where is he now? ss: he is in the room Then a lot of people and say: where are those people? ss: the people are in the .......

stage7 (4-5 minutes) • reading

ss read the text and answer the question where are sally and Dan? I will also ask what is there at the end? ss: Love sally and Dan. we can write this at the end of an email

stage8 (7-8 minutes) • check the reading

ss do exercise 5 tick the true answer and correct the wrong one after they re-read the previous text. First I will ask them just to write whether they are true or false then to correct the false ones after I do the first one as an example in order not to confuse them and I will say do the same( I will point to the wrong adjective and cross it while I am saying do the same to make the instructions as clear as possible) then they will check with their partners and I will later write the FB on board.

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