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listening and speaking-achieving dreams
Upper intermediate, B2 level


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Main Aims

  • By the end of this lesson, students will have had the chance to listen for gist and for specific information in the context of achieving dreams

Subsidiary Aims

  • By the end of this session, students will be better able to speak about making changes to achieve a dream.


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • Set context and generate students' interest

-Ask the ss to write down an ambition they had when they were children. (1 min) -In pairs, they discuss these ambitions and whether they were realistic or not. ( 2 mins) -ICQs: will u only discuss your ambitions? No -Monitor their discussion -OC feedback Pre-teach vocab: 1-resign: context e.g I didn't like my job and it didn't pay well so I had to leave it. ICQ: did they kick me out? No 2-hut: picture 3-extraordinary: antonym/synonym e.g contrast it to the word "ordinary" and use facial expressions and tone of voice to deliver the difference ICQ: is it average or amazing? amazing 4-decent living: rephrase e.g I'm stable and live a comfortable life ICQ: Am I satisfied/happy? Yes

Listening task 1 (5-7 minutes) • Students get the chance to listen for gist

-Ask ss to listen to 2 speakers Louise and Terry talk about how they decided to pursue their dreams. ICQ: how many speakers? 2 About what? their dreams -Show the ss the 2 pictures and ask them to match and the question (both on the monitor): They both made one change that was the same. What was it? -Play the tracks -Pair check (1 min) -OC feedback

Listening task 2 (5-7 minutes) • Students get the chance to listen for specific information

-Remind ss of the change that Terry and Louise made. Now they will listen again to know the reasons for this change. -Distribute HO1 -Play tracks -Pair check (2 mins) -OC feedback

Listening task 3 (7-10 minutes) • Students get the chance to listen for detailed understanding

-Hold up HO2 and ask ss to complete the table upon listening to the tracks. -Play tracks -Monitor their work -Pair check ( 3 mins) -OC feedback

Follow up task (5 minutes) • Let students reflect on the lesson

-Ask the ss : what do you think of what Terry and Louise did? Would you do the same? Why/Why not?" -Ss discuss their opinions in pairs (in case there's enough time) -Content/language feedback

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