Amir Safaralizadeh Amir Safaralizadeh

TP 2
Elementary level


Abc Material
Abc Material

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of family lexis in the context of reading about British actor Emilia Fox
  • To provide clarification and practice of possessive forms in the context of conversation

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of possessive structures


Lead-in (2-3 minutes) • To set lesson context through a VAs

Show Ss VAs at the beginning of the class following the warm-up. Then I will select some examples they heard in the video and will explain the grammar focus.

Exposure (2-2 minutes) • To provide context for the target language through a video

They will watch a song explaining how to use possessive structure and express possession.

Highlighting (5-7 minutes) • To draw students' attention to the grammar focus

I will select some sentences from the video presented and will write in on the board to talk about the grammar point.

Grammar Focus Practice (1-5 minutes) • to make sure they got the grmmar focus

Do the practice following the Grammar Focus

Pronunciation (1-2 minutes) • Checking their pronunciation

They will listen to an audio about the previous stage's grammar focus and they will repeat the pronunciation of the sentences.

Controlled Practice 1 (5-5 minutes) • to make sure they fully understand the structure and how to use it

I will give them 5-10 minutes to do the practice in the pair(s)/ or group(s).

Controlled Practice 2 (2-4 minutes) • To teach the Ss how to ask questions in posessive structe

I will stick some stickers on the board and ask them to go find and arrange the Qs and their answers accordingly.

Controlled Practice 3 (5-8 minutes) • To show them how to ask possessive form question and short answer.

I will give each pair/group some papers which contains some phrases on it. Then, they will make questions by those phrases and ask from another pair/group and vice versa.

VAs to teach family tree and family lexis (2-5 minutes) • To teach Ss family lexis

The Ss will watch a video about the family tree and family lexis.

Reading (2-5 minutes) • To read and answer some questions about the text

I will give 5-10 minutes to read the text about a British actor Emilia Fox. The aim of this reading is to teach some family lexis. I explained the lexis in the previous stage through a video about the family tree.

Card Game (2-4 minutes) • To see if they unerstood the family lexis or not.

I will stick three papers written Male, Female, Male & Female stick on them on the board. Then, I will put some papers on the grounds with one family lexis on each paper. They should pick the papers and sticks it under the proper papers on the board.

Pronunciation (1-2 minutes) • To learn how to pronunce family lexis

The Ss will listen to an audio

Card Game (5-5 minutes) • To practice making questions using Have+ got structure and do speaking practice

I will put 5 papers on the ground and ask Ss to pick one and ask from a student and she will answer her Q.

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