Takumi Lakruwan 'Luke' Kawashima Takumi Lakruwan 'Luke' Kawashima

Lesson Plan 1 - Luke Kawashima - Feb.10th.2021 - 14:00-15:00
B1, 121, Online level


In this lesson, the student will have clarification and practice of the Present Simple, Present Continuous, Action (dynamic) verbs, and Non-action (stative) verbs through listening audio texts focused on the context of restaurants. After a brief homework check, the lesson will be a language-focused lesson, with the Main Aim of clarification and practice of the aforementioned grammar points, through the Secondary Aim of Listening for Gist and Specific Information, Highlighting the Target Language through the Listening. After the Listening tasks, there will be Clarification of the Target Language, then a Controlled Practice, Freer Practice with error correction, then preparation for the homework tasks.


Abc TL Clarification Slides
Abc 4 Audios for Listening-Gist Task
Abc Zoom-Download instruction pictures
Abc Listening-Gist Task & Answer Key
Abc Listening-Specific Information Gap-Fill Task & Answer Key
Abc 3 Audios for the Listening-SI Task
Abc Controlled Practice slide and answer key
Abc Freer Practice questions
Abc Homework

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of the Present-Simple, Present-Continuous, Action verbs, and Non-Action Verbs in the context of restaurants and eating out.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice Listening with Audio in a context related to restaurants to highlight the target language.


Zoom-download-check & Homework Check (4-5 minutes) • To check the previous lesson's homework lightly.

Set the task: "First, let's check how to download a file." [Show Zoom Download-instructions 1 and 2, confirm being able to find the Zoom chatbox and download an example file] Set the task: "Please get your homework from last class." [Show homework slide on screen> <elicit answers, confirm with answer key]

Lead-in (2-3 minutes) • To help the student become interested and engaged about the lesson context.

Set the task: "What is a food you enjoy?" [elicit response] "I'll show you a picture, can you tell me what food you think the person in the picture enjoys?" ICQ: "What are you looking for?" (What food the person in the picture enjoys.} [Show Lead-in Picture, elicit response of a fish-dish.]

Listening for Gist (7-8 minutes) • To practice listening for gist and contextualize the target language.

Set the Task: "We're going to listen to 4 pieces of audio. Each one is a different topic. Match the audio to the correct topic. 4 audio pieces, 4 answers, match correctly. ICQ: "What are you matching?" (The audio to the correct topic). "How many audio pieces are there?" (4) [Show slide with the 4 audios (Audio 1, 2, 3, 4) and topics (A, B, C, D)] Topic A: Someone cooking pasta & Someone looking for car keys. Topic B: Interview with Chef Steve Part 2. Topic C: Interview with Chef Steve Part 1. Topic D: A Man and a Woman talking cooking. [Begin playing audio, note each as 'audio 1', 'audio 2,' going through them] Feedback: [Elicit answers with Answer Key]

Listening for Specific Information (+Highlighting the Target Language) (5-6 minutes) • To practice listening for specific information and focus on the target language.

Set the task: "We're going to listen to a short version of the second interview, and the last two audio pieces again. This time, you'll see the script. There are gaps. Listen for the missing words, and fill the gaps. 3 Audio pieces, fill the gaps." ICQ: "What are we listening for?" (the missing words) "How many audio pieces are there?" (3) [Show to slide with the gaps] [Play audios, then play them again] Feedback: [Elicit answers with answer key] "Now, let's look at these words more." [Move to slide with Target Language in red text, to highlight and transition to next stage]

Clarifying Target Language (9-10 minutes) • To clarify and elicit Meaning, Form, Pronunciation, and Appropriacy of the Target Language

TARGET LANGUAGE: Action = Cooking, close, say, getting, eating, making, looking Non-action = Prefer, love, need, agree, think, know, suppose MEANING: Set the task: "Let's organize these words. Some are about physical movement, some are not physical. Put the correct words into the correct groups. Put the words into the correct groups. You'll have 2 minutes" ICQ: "Where are you putting the words?" (Into correct groups). [Show slide with the Target-Language words, and boxes "Physical-movement" "not-physical movement"] "Begin." [Wait 2 minutes, monitor] Feedback: [Elicit Action (physical movement) and Non-Action (not physical) verbs' differences, and how Action-verbs can be Present Simple and Present Continuous, but Non-Action can only be Present Simple] FORM: Set the task: "Now, you'll see 10 sentences. You have to choose the correct version of the action in each sentence. 1 answer per sentence. You'll have 2 minutes" ICQ: "How many answers are there for each sentence? (1) [Show slide with Form-Check Task based on page 132] "Begin." [Wait 2 minutes, monitor] Feedback: [Elicit correct answers with answer key, & how Non-Action is not Present-Continuous] PRONUNCIATION: Set the task: "Let's practice pronouncing the words. Repeat after me." [Model and drill the Target Language, back-chaining as needed] APPROPRIACY: [Elicit that the Target language is neutral, and can be formal or informal]

Controlled Practice (10-11 minutes) • To provide controlled practice to practice using the Target Language accurately

Set the task: "There are 7 sentences with gaps. Choose the correct words from the word-box to fill the gaps. You'll have 3 minutes." ICQ: "Can you make new words, or are you choosing words from the word-box?" (Choosing) [Show the Controlled Practice slide] "Begin." [Monitor for 3 minutes] Feedback: [Elicit with answer key]

Freer Practice (9-10 minutes) • To provide freer oral/written practice of the target language productively

Set the Task: "Get a paper and pen. Using the words we looked at, please write answers to these 3 questions, to discuss them. You'll have 3 minutes." ICQ: "Are you using the word we focused on today?" (yes) "Are you answering all the questions?" (yes) [Show slide with Freer Practice questions] "Begin." [Monitor for 3 minutes.] Feedback: [Elicit error correction]

Homework Prep & Wrap-up (5-6 minutes) • To briefly go over the homework and conclude the class

Set the task: "I'll show you the homework for today's lesson. There's a reading task, a listening task, and a useful-phrases box." [Show the homework, go through an example of each task for clarification, make sure the student understand the homework task.] [Thank the student and conclude the class.]

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