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Selcen Guney's Reading Lesson
Intermediate level


A reading lesson in the context of social media profiles


Main Aims

  • To provide students practice in reading for gist and to practice deducing meaning from the context in the context of social media profiles

Subsidiary Aims

  • To enchance students' vocabulary & to develop fluency in speaking in the context of social media profiles


Lead- In (6-7 minutes) • To familiarize students with the context

Teacher asks students if they use social networking sites often, and what kind of content they share. Students work in groups to think about different types of pictures to share online. Teacher writes their answers on WB.

Pre- Reading (3-4 minutes) • To prepare students to the reading material

Teacher shows different types of profile pictures and asks students why do they think the people have chosen these photos. Students think about the question in groups and share their answers with the rest of the class.

While- Reading (12-13 minutes) • To develop students' reading skill for general understanding

Teacher gives the first handout, asks students to read the text and match the headlines with texts. Students first read on their own, and then check their answers with partners. For feedback, teacher asks students if they were right about their predictions.

While- Reading 2 (11-12 minutes) • To practice deducing meaning from context

Teacher gives students a new handout. Tells them to match vocabulary from the text to their definitions. Students do this activity on their own first, and then they check with their partners.Teacher monitors them in the meantime to provide help when needed. As a feedback teacher gives the answer key in the end.

Post- Reading, Speaking (7-8 minutes) • To develop fluency in speaking

Teacher re-groups students, and tells them to talk about the kind of pictures they share on their social media accounts. Students analyse their partners' character types according to the pictures, using the reading material as a guideline. Teacher monitors them in the meantime, notes common mistakes and corrects them in the end.

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