Hazal Hazal

Teaching practice 4
Upper-intermediate level


In this lesson, the students will work on grammar and pronunciation. They are going to focus mainly on the definite article, and will pronunciation tasks at the end of the lesson.


Abc Quiz
Abc Sentence pronunciation
Abc Matching exercise
Abc Gap-fill exercise
Abc Pronunciation task
Abc Grammar 2A

Main Aims

  • To provide review of the definite article through grammar exercises mainly.

Subsidiary Aims

  • The sub-aim of this lesson is pronunciation of the article "the" followed by words and sentences containing "the".


Lead-in/test (3-5 minutes) • To test the students' knowledge

The teacher will write 6 short sentences on the white board. The teacher will omit the articles and will ask the students if they think there are mistakes. Students will work in pair to find where the mistakes are. The teacher will elicit and not give the answers.

Test/teach (3-5 minutes) • To find out the students knowledge

Exercise 2. Ask students to match each sentence to a category. Then ask them to tick the categories that take an article. Students will do this exercise in groups. Feedback and answer key

Test (5-8 minutes) • To help students extend what they have learned

Exercise 4, the purpose of this exercise is to provide controlled practice. Students can work in pairs or groups. Feedback

Pronunciation (2-3 minutes) • Teach the pronunciation of "the" according to the context

Exercises 1-3. These exercises are needed to help students with pronunciation and variation in pronunciation. The teacher will drill the words.

Test (5-10 minutes) • Test the student's comprehension of the lesson

Students will ask quiz questions to their partner, who will do the same thing in return. This is a great way to keep the lesson learner-centered.

Optional exercise, Test/teach (5-8 minutes) • To summarize the uses of the definite article.

Students will do exercise 2A in the workbook. Peer-checking and feedback.

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