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Grammar :At home, At work, At school with Present Tense in Future Time cCauses
A2 Pre Intermediate level


In this lesson the students will be introduced to and learn about the present tense within future time clauses. This will be shown within the context of moving to another country to take a job.The students will also practise giving examples from their own experiences.


Abc White Board
Abc Straight Forward Pre Intermediate

Main Aims

  • For the students to understand present tense in future clauses, by doing tasks both written and verbal.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To help the students practise speaking


Warmer/ Lead-in (8-10 minutes) • To set the lesson in context and engage interest from the students.

The teacher will discuss with the students three important areas of life. Life at home, school, and work. The teacher will elicit from the students examples of these experiences by phrasing the sentences in the form of the main aim ( Present tense in future time clauses). When the students should be able to answer and raise questions in this form (Even if they don't know the correct term) Once this has been done, the teacher will then write the term on the WB and explain the breakdown a sentence with the requisite definition of sentences of with this structure.

First Activity (8-10 minutes) • To complete HO1 which deaks with putting the correct form of the verb within the brackets.

The teacher will show HO1 to the class and explain to the students what needs to be done. This task requires the students to put the verbs in the bracketed sections of the sentences and in the correct tense. The teacher should ICQ the class and set the task for 5 minutes. Once the students have completed this individually, the teacher will then pair up the students to discuss the answers between themselves. 2-3 minutes required. The teacher will write the correct answers on the WB

Second Activity (8-10 minutes) • For the students to successfully complete HO2

The teacher will illicit from the WC answers to questions about the story from the previous task. It is important that the students understand the story before giving them HO2. Ask questions like Who is Emily?, Where is she going?, Why? What do you think her boyfriend will feel about this? The students will make sentences about what Emily's boyfriend feels about her trip from these prompts. For the task the students should always use the word "She" for each sentence, and explain that some extra words and grammatical changes will be required. The teacher will show the students the answer to the first question on the WB. The students will work in pairs for this task and answers discussed and written on WB

Third Activity (10-12 minutes) • To get the students to write and then discuss other possibilities to the story from HO1

The teacher will ask the students in groups of four to write down 4 sentences which suggest other problems Emily might have. One sentence should contain the word "IF" then "WHEN", "BEFORE" and "AFTER" They should be given 5 minutes to achieve this. The teacher will then elicit the answers from the class and then ask if any other possibilities are possible ...only using the same four words.

Fourth Activity (8-10 minutes) • To get the students to speak answers to witten questions.

The teacher will write the four sentences from page 83 (question4) of the students textbook on the WB. The teacher will elicit responses from the WC by asking them to give answers that are relevant to their own experiences only and write them on the WB

Feedback and Additives (3-5 minutes) • To check the students understand the lesson

The teacher will hold a free talk over the topic of the class and elicit responses. any difficult terms or words from the lesson can be discussed.

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