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In this class' the students are going to learn conjunctions and practice writing in the context of horror. There are going to be two different types of writing activities one of which is semi-controlled (mad libs) and the other a freer practice (writing an ending).


Abc Bob
Abc The first half of the story (cut in scripts)
Abc The first half of the story
Abc Mad Libs Hand-out
Abc The end of the story
Abc Video - Nightmare Before Christmas

Main Aims

  • To provide process and product writing practice of a creating a story with the given conjunctions (mad libs)' and write an ending to the story in the context of horror.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of conjuction in the context of horro stories.


Lead-in (6-7 minutes) • To warm-up and set the context

I am going to ask the students why Bob dressed like that today. (He dressed like a ghost). I am going to let them see him and discuss in groups the reason, and try to find out what we are going to talk about. Later, I am going to ask them if they like horror stories and why, and if they can give some examples. Then we are going to watch a small part of "Nightmare Before Christmas" and talk about the things that make the movie scary. While they are talking, I am going to stick the pictures of the basic vocabulary related to horror. As the last activity, they are going to match the words with the pictures before drilling.

Grammar - Conjunctions (11-12 minutes) • To present the chosen conjunctions in the context, and to provide an example of a horror story.

I am going to give the students the story in pieces. They are going to work with their partners to put them in order. Then I am going to ask how they could do it. Which words enabled them to order the story. I am going to ask them to underline such words, and then ask for examples and present the chosen conjunctions. On the WB, I am going to explain their function (which ones connect two sentences and which ones connect two clauses) with the examples from the story. Then I am going to ask them to form a circle around me. The lights will be turned off and there will be a background audio. I am going to sit in the middle and read them the story. Conjunctions: Although, yet, by the time, while, when, in order to, because, but, then.

Semi-controlled practice (Mad Libs) (9-10 minutes) • To form collaborative stories to practice writing, using the conjunctions.

I am going to ask the students to form a full circle and give them the hand-outs of the mad libs. The first sentence will be written on the board and there will be a conjunction for each sentences. They are going to exhange papers and write down sentences in the context, using the conjunctions on the board. When they finish, I am going to ask for a volunteer to come and pick a story and read it just like I did in the beginning. If there are any mistakes in the use of conjunctions, I am going to write the sentence on the board and ask them to discuss.

Freer-practice (Write and end to the story) (9-10 minutes) • To practice writing.

I am going to ask the students about the story from the beginning of the class, and tell them that it was not the full story. I am going to give them papers and ask them to write and end and remind them that they can use the conjunctions and the vocabulary that are covered. When they finish, I am going to ask them to go and stick the stories on the wall. They are going to go and read the stories and vote for the best one. The best story is going to be read by the author.

The Original End (5-6 minutes) • To wrap-up the session.

I am going to ask the students to listen to the end of the story and try to find out which story on the wall is the closest to the original. I am going to read the original end and ask about their ideas.

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