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LF: Vocabulary
Beginner level


Students will practice country vocabulary and introduce nationalities in the context of talking about where people are from


Main Aims

  • To provide review of country names, nationalities in the context of where people are from

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of singular positive form of 'be' in the context of nationalities


Warmer/Lead-in (3-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Teacher will hang a world map and country flags on the WB and help Ss find out the flag belongs to.

Activity 1a (8-12 minutes) • To introduce the vocabulary to students

Teacher puts the country words with their vowels missing on the walls of the classroom. Students go around and write down the countries on their paper. As FB, nominate students to spell out a country world

Activity 1-B (8-15 minutes) • To teach students about nationalities and how to pronounce each vocabulary word.

Pre-teach "nationality" T: Where are you from? S: I am from Turkey. T: His nationality is Turkish.( He is Turkish) T: Where is Gareth from? S: He is from England. T: He is English. Elicit nationalities. ( Draw a picture of am woman/man and write down where he is from and then write her/his nationality Name: Paulo Country: Mexico Nationality: Mexican Hand out the cards which was prepared by the teacher to the class and Ss work in pairs and role play. Write the nationalities on the boars

Activity 2a (6-8 minutes) • Let students pronounce the nationalities

Show the stress and ss will repeat after you loudly. Hand out exercise 2 from the teachers' book and SS work in pairs. ( Nominate ss for the answers)

Activity 4a (6-10 minutes) • To introduce students to contractions and basic pronouns

Pre-teach positive(+).Write on WB . Give instructions and HO exercise 4 . SS work individually. SS check their answers in pairs (Peer-checking). Point to objects with pronouns "he", "she", "it" around the classroom. Write down WB the following "I am , You are , He/She/It is"

Activity 6-a (2-5 minutes) • To provide students with the opportunity to practice

Hand out Exercise 6a. SS work alone - Check with their pairs. Nominate the students for the answers.

Following up Activity (8-10 minutes) • To engage students in an acivity if the lesson is finished before the planning time

Students spell out and writes down different countries after teacher shows the flags.

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