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Teaching practice 3
Upper-Intermediate level


This lesson is based on "grammar" mostly. Ss need to review the "question words" in this lesson. They already know about the grammar but they need to focus on the concept and usage of them. In the end with a speaking task they will be able to communicate better towards these "question words".


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Main Aims

  • To provide review and practice of question words in the context of question word as a "subject" & as an "object"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a Asking and answering questions in the context of based on the questions that they made before in grammar section.


Grammar • To ask Ss to focus on Question words usage

I will give them a handout which by answering four questions I will try to elicit the grammar rules from Ss and then we can check the answers in class. By asking them about questions meanings and usage I will be able to give them feedback if they are correct about the grammar rules or not. Then we will drill some questions in a whole class activity for their pronunciation in that way they will learn to stress which words.

Practice • To practice using the question words

On page 137 there are exercises relate to "question words". First I will ask them to answer first exercise and then exercise two and then they can check their answers in pairs. After that we will check Ss answers together in a whole class activity I will ask each pair to go to the board and write their answer on the board in this way I can provide some feedback as well.

Practice and Speaking • To use what they have learned during the lesson

I will divide the students into two groups of A&B. I will group them by colored papers. Red stands for A and blue stands for B. then they will sit nest to each other. they have to do handout according to the Ss A&B after that I will provide them the answers by giving them the answer key. Then I will ask each pair (A&B) to ask and answer those question in the activity. By monitoring them and checking them I will be able to give them FB on their errors.

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