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Experience 6
Upper- Intermediate level


This lesson will focus on vocabulary through the context of music and unusual 'borrowed words'. There will be an emphasis on pronunciation during the vocabulary lesson. The speaking bit at the end will allow for productive skill work.


Abc Tapescript 3.29 box to number, English File Upper-Intermediate Students book page 54
Abc Borrowed Words, English File Upper-Intermediate Students book page 54
Abc Word Origin, English File Upper-Intermediate Students book page 54

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Musical Instruments in the context of Borrowed Words

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in the topic of music and pronunciation.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

T: I love music. It is my life. Who likes music? Who has an 'ear' for music? Ss: Engagement T: I have an 'ear' for music. T: Let's listen to the beginning of this music piece. What instruments do you hear?

Exposure to music sounds and the associated word (7-9 minutes) • Pre-Teach Words & To provide schemata activation for the musical sounds

T: Show vocabulary slides, talk with your partner about these instruments. Try to come up with the word. Ss: takes 3 minutes to discuss pictures T: CCQ- Elicit names, What don't we know? T: HANDOUT T: Lets Listen to some instrumental sounds and write the number in the box T: ICQ- instrumental sound 1-2-3-4, write the number in the box T: (B) Listen and Check T: What other words do we know for instruments and musicians? [if some, write a chart] [ ^--PREPARE TEACHERS BOOK--^ T: (CCQ) Drill-->Name words we have questions about

Borrowed Words (11-15 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice/ Drill borrowed words that are unchanged

T: What is a borrowed word? Ss: Response for grade. T: Some borrowed words are modified, like Boeuf (French), has been modified into english sounds and matching letters.--> Others have been unchanged. In English we tend to allow the foreign words to keep the original sounds of the consonant. T: Elicit, Give me a musical word that is borrowed? T: Write--> Italian=Cello, Concerto, Mezzo-Soprano(Mezzo means 'middle') Greek= Orchestra, Choir, Chorus French= Encore, Genre Where is the stress? ^--PREPARE TEACHERS BOOK FOR STRESSES--^ HANDOUT --> Work with a partner and practice saying these words (d) T: Play tapescript because it will allow them to hear the stresses, even though some of the words aren't on their sheet.

Identifying Word Origin (9-11 minutes) • To check understanding of Vocabulary and identify origin

T: Lets see which words we don't know. Talk with a group about these words Ss: Group Work T: What words don't we know? Ss: Group discuss T: Show the words on the projector and go over them and then demonstrate (see analysis) T: What origin do they come from? Put them into groups and give them cards to put into a chart on the class board T: PREPARE TEACHERS BOOK--^

Speaking about Music (3-5 minutes) • To allow students to practice conversational skills on the topic of music

T: I really love reggae music. Island music and soft guitar and bass guitar sounds. T: Take this information and have a conversation with your partner.

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