Alardah Alardah

Celebrity Heros
Upper-intermediate level


In this lesson, SS are going to be asked to scan the paragraphs given to them, and to find out a best title that describes the paragraph. Also, they are going to match the underlined words in the texts to the given definitions. SS are going to discuss in pars their celebrity then they will ask each other questions about their celebrity. The SS will be given HO contains vocabularies from the lesson. Lastly, they are going to play adjective game.


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Abc Adjectives Game
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Abc Handout

Main Aims

  • Reading

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary & Speaking


Lead-in (5-8 minutes) • To get the students attention.

I am going to show some pictures of Turkish celebrities and ask to guess "What they are called?" to get into the main topic. The SS are going to work in pars to discuss about a celebrity on the task will be given. Then they are going to stand up and ask each other about their celebrity several questions from the questions will be given.

Reading (5-8 minutes) • SS will understand what the paragraphs are about

The SS are going to do GW to arrange the paragraphs will be given. After that, the SS will see the other groups' answers. Then, the SS will be given the correct order of the paragraph.

Pre-Reading (2-3 minutes) • SS will understand what the paragraphs are about

The SS will skim the paragraphs and describe it with a suitable title.

While-Reading (3-6 minutes)

The SS are going to match the underlined words in the paragraphs to the definitions cuts..

Vocab (5-8 minutes) • To review the vocab in the paragraphs were given

The SS are going to answer the HO which is about vocab from the lesson. They are going to complete the sentences 1-7 with the phrases a-g .

Playign Adjectives (7-12 minutes) • to help the SS creat sentences by using adjectives

The SS will be giving folded cards contain with adjectives. each group will take some of the folded cards and each one from the group is going to take a card and try to make a sentence with an adjective to his team.

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