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Mahmoud - Family and Friends - possessive 's
Beginner level


In this lesson, students will learn how to use the possessive 's and review all possessive adjectives. Students will learn the names of the family members:( husband- wife- daughter....) through gist and a specific listening task-the context- about Annie's family, then they will follow-up with a short speaking and discussing about family.


Abc Audio CD tracks 4.1,4.2,4.3
Abc cut up collocations from listening

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice the use of possessive 's using a text about family members and their jobs

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information in the context of reading about family


Warmer (3-5 minutes) • To generate interest in the theme of the listening

T will write the subject pronoun ' I ' on the board, and elicit the possessive form which is 'my'. T will give a warmer about the possessive 's T will ask Ss to fill the gaps in the chart on the book page 24 in PW. T will focus on the speech bubbles and point to relevant objects that belongs to the students in the classroom.

Lead in /Building context (2-4 minutes) • To generate interest in the theme of the listening

T will chest a picture of family. Ss work in pairs to discuss about the family tree. T will discuss about the picture by asking ( Are they friends? Who is this ? Who is she? Is he a wife or a husband?

Pre- teaching vocabulary (3-5 minutes) • To practice the meaning of the new vocabulary in the context

T will show a picture of Annie's family in the book page 24. Then elicit the names of the family members(husband-wife-son..) T will point to one of the members and ask questions ( Who's he? What's his name? How old is he? Is he single?) and let students guess.

Reading or Listening task (8-10 minutes) • To practice reading/listening for gist and specific information.

Ss will listen to the recording and follow reading by their eyes. T will play the recording twice to be sure that students can understand the reading and gist Ss will answer the questions individually then check in PW the answers. T will feedback on the board

Highlighting target language (2-4 minutes) • To highlight the target language so that learners are focused on it.

T will write two examples on the board to distinguish the difference between the 'is' contraction and the possessive 's.

Clarifying target language (8-10 minutes) • Clarify the meaning so the learners understand it

T will ask Ss ( Is that noun the owner ..?- Does that noun have ..?) about the noun before the 's and the noun after 's T will hand out worksheets of the text again, ask the Ss to circle ('s) of the possession. T ask Ss to check their answer in PW

Language Practice (8-10 minutes) • To provide controlled oral/written practice focused on using the language accurately

T will divide the board into two parts to prepare for a play race game. T will divide the Ss into two groups and stay in a line to play the race board game. Feedback the answer in pairs on the board.

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