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TP 7
Elementary level


In this lesson Ss will first read a text about a job application . Then they will do some gist reading. After that they will deal about the rules of writing a formal letter. Finally they will produce their own job application letters.


Abc realia, pictures, photos, course book global, handouts.

Main Aims

  • to introduce students layout of a job application letter

Subsidiary Aims

  • to use useful phrases or sentences appropriately for a job application letter


Warm up. (3-4 minutes) • To set the context.

T will show some pictures of job advertisements.T will show a picture of a job application form? Then T will ask "Is there anyone who is looking for a job? If the answer is yes T will write 'Have you ever filled in an job application form? What did you write there? Ss will discuss these two questions in pairs.

pre reading activity (5-6 minutes) • to get familiar with some words related to text.

T will give Ss a handout containing three questions related to text and a job advertisement. Ss will read these questions. then they will read the job advertisement. T will deal with some words like' experience, previous, foreign, required, desirable, efficient, apply'. then they will read the job advertisement.

gist reading (5-6 minutes) • to read for the gist

T will give Ss the text and they will read it to find the answers of three questions. They will first read then in groups they will answer the questions. together withe the whole class T will check the answers.

tips for Writing a formal letter (4-5 minutes) • To practise some rules of formal letter

T will say that "that was a job application letter" T will give the Ss a handout containing some rules for a formal writing. Ss will read the information about writing a formal letter. Together with the Ss T will check whether there is some unclear points or not. T will ask "which of the mistakes does Tania do? They will work in pairs and decide.

Correcting errors (5-6 minutes) • to practise writing a formal letter.

T will say "According to the rules of a formal letter correct Tania's letter. they will work in groups and try to correct Tania's letter. For this activity Ss will work in groups.

writing a job advertisement (3-4 minutes) • to practise learnt vocabulary.

T will give the Ss a handout. For this activity Ss will fill in some blanks to prepare a job advertisement. Ss will work in pairs for this activity.

preparing to write (4-5 minutes) • to select appropriate phrases related to their job application letter.

T will give a handout to Ss. On these handouts there are different personal qualities and skills related to jobs 'cook' and 'tourist guide'. Ss will choose the four important ones from them. they will write these four important skills or personal qualities.They will do this activity in groups.

Writing an application letter (5-6 minutes) • To practise writing through more extended writing task.

T will give a handout to Ss and using the information given Ss will write a job application letter. one group will write for ' cook' and the other will write for 'tourist guide'. Ss may use Tania's letter as a model for them. After writing their letters Ss will come to the board and read their letters.

If time left activity (3-4 minutes) • to read letters

Students will come to the board read their letters .

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