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Elementary level


Getting students confident with asking & answering questions about prices & times.


Abc 'Pairs' Cards
Abc Conversation strips

Main Aims

  • Getting students confident with asking & answering about prices & times. Ensuring fluency when speaking. Expanding places vocabulary.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Improve listening skills


Lead in (6-8 minutes) • Increase places vocabulary

Use ECDW with picture cards of places. Ensure pronunciation & stresses are correct rather than fluency. Get students to repeat as a class but with minimal TTT, see if I can elicit the words from the students before having to say them myself. Use the word in a sentence, drill. Then write on WB.

Prices Introduction (10-10 minutes) • Get students familiar with prices

Elicit different prices by showing TL and asking "what is this?" Then ask "In England it is called?" (repeat with kurus/pence). Same for Euro & America. Draw a chart on the board to show this. CCQ; Do they use dollars in England? Put class into pairs, chest HO of different amounts, ask "how do we say these prices". I will do an example question. Give Class 3 minutes. WC FB get students to write answers on board.

Introducing "how much is?" (8-10 minutes) • Using how much in a sentence.

Put the following conversation on the board; Kate: Can I have two tickets for the cinema please? Ticket seller: Two adults? Kate: Yes please, how much is that? Ticket seller: £14 please. Kate: Ok, Thank-you. Repeat the conversation as WC, then I will be Kate & Sts Ticket seller, then switch, finally half the class will be Kate the other half ticket seller. If the students find it to easy I will remove parts of the conversation.

Prices practice activity. (10-10 minutes) • get students asking & answering price questions

Give each student a picture of vocabulary they already know, I will pre-write a price on the reverse. Ask all students to stand up and move around the group asking each other "how much is/are one/two tickets to ..........." and answering with the price on the reverse. I will do an example 1st. (freer practice)

Ending competition/back up game (5-5 minutes) • Get students to match pairs

(if I have time left at the end of the lesson) Get the class into three groups. ICQ: hands up Do example question with class. Give the groups coloured cards with questions such as 'how much are two cinema tickets for the 5 o'clock showing?'. They must match these questions with the correct answers acording to the table I will draw on the board. once finished grous can go around and check each others answers (peer check)

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