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TP 3 - Speaking (Weekend activities)
A1 level


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Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of free time (weekend) activities

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of days of the week, time, social activities in the context of free time (weekend) activities
  • To provide practice of present simple tense for 3rd singular person (S) in the context of free time activities


Lead in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson’s context and to create interest in topic (free time activities)

Present pictures of different free time activities and elicit from them the name. Drill on pronunciation and write the names on the board. meet friends go shopping / go to cinema / go roller skating visit grandparents

Pres-speaking (Ayse) (10-12 minutes) • Practice both grammar (present simple 3rd singurlar) and communicative aproach

Have a picture of a girl called Ayse. Around her there are another 7 pictures of different activities done by Ayse in her free time. Elicit from them the 1st sentence for the first picture: Ayse plays volleyball on Saturday at 5 o'clock. (write it on the board / drill #S# for 3rd singular) Look at the 2nd picture: Ayse meets her friends on Sunday morning for breakfast. (write it on the board / drill #S# for 3rd singular) Ask the students to carry on, in pairs, for the remaining 5 activities. 1. Ayse plays the guitar on Saturday. 2. Ayse goes shopping on Friday with her mom. 3. Ayse likes playing table tennis with her dad on Sunday. 4. Ayse reads books every day. 5 Ayse wakes up at 8 o'clock in the morning. Don't write them, talk to your peer about them. Ask the students to come to write the sentences on the board for the remaining activities: Alinur 1, Yusuf 2, Berfin 3..... Correct if necessary. Pay attention to #S#.

Speaking practice (Ali and Merve) (12-15 minutes) • Practice both grammar (present simple 3rd singurlar) and speaking

Post the pictures of Ali and Merve on the board. For each of them write THE TIMING (on Friday, in the evening, etc.) next to the picture for each activity. Ali: swimming (on Friday), cards (on Saturday evening), computer games (in the evening), fishing (on Sunday), football (Friday evening) He goes for a swim on Friday evening after the school. Ali plays cards with his brother on Saturday evening. He plays computer games in the evening. He goes fishing with his father on Sunday morning. Ali meets his friends to play football on Friday evening. Merve: shopping (on Saturday), book (in the evening), roller skating (on Friday), grandparents (on Sunday), cinema (on Sunday) Merve goes shopping with her mom on Saturday. She likes reading books to her brother in the evening. She goes roller skating with the father to the park on Friday. She visits her grandparents each Sunday afternoon. Merve goes to the cinema on Sunday. Split the class in 2 groups: one speaks about Ali, the other one about Merve. Give them 5 mins to talk about Ali's and Merve's activities. They speak, no writing. Bring the groups in front of the class. One st from Merve tells a sentence for Merve, then the other from Ali, about Ali. Pay attention to the discussion cause you have to answer questions about Ali and Merve. Now, regroup them: apple, banana, apple, banana. (so we have 2 new mixed groups). In pairs (one apple and one banana) speak about Merve and Ali. Get them back to their places and ask them to do the TRUE/FALSE worksheet about Ali (the ones that discussed about Merve) and Merve (the ones that discussed about Ali). Rely on their memory (no worksheet provided yet). Ask the questions and let them correct you (tell you the correct answers), as a class. All the time pay attention to #S# usage. Drill it or corrected whenever required. At the end of the activity provide them the Ali's page and Merve's page. TRUE/FALSE sentences: Ali plays table tennis with his friends on Friday evening. (F - FOOTBALL) Ali goes fishing on Sunday morning (T) Ali plays cards on Sunday (F - SATURDAY) Merve visits her grandparents on Friday (F - ON SUNDAY) Merve goes shopping on Saturday (T) Merve goes roller skating on Sunday (F - ON FRIDAY)

Throw the ball game (8-8 minutes) • Practice the vocab and grammar and fluency in context of their own free time activities

Students are asked to talk in pairs about their free time activities. They have 3' to create the sentences. Then ask them to stay on a circle on the floor. Using a ball they talk about their activities: I say: 'I meet my friends on Saturday evening' then I throw the ball to another student. That one tells his sentence and then he trows the ball to other one and so on till all of them told all the sentences.

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