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In this lesson the students willl find the target language in a listening text. They willl find out about meaning ,form and pronounciation of the past time expressions. Next they will be given a set of cards with words to put in the right colllumns in the form they take then do a gap fill exercise to make sure they not only know the form but can use the word correctly in sentences. Finally they will talk about some topic they will choose from some cards using the past time expressions as a freer practice.


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Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson the learners should be able to understand and use past time expressions in the context of technology

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of about past time experiences


Lead in (4-5 minutes) • To set the lesson context, engage and create interest in the lesson

-Show the students some pictures of mobile phones, digital camera and computers -Do you remember your first phone -let the students talk about it for a minute -Ask them some questions about the pictures - Could you send an email, play video game or download music -what the difference between phones during that time and now? Technology

Exposure (11-12 minutes) • To provide context for the target language through a listening text

-Now show them a picture of Sang-mi from South Korea -Tell students that they are going to listen Sang-mi talk about Technology, listen and fnd out if she is good with new technology or not. - Play the audio -is she good with new technology?No -What does she talk about? (her first mobile phone, first text message, first computer, first CD, first music online, first digital camera) - Give the students a set of questions to answer -play the audio again - Students write the answers, If needed replay the audio - Now let the student peercheck -Go through the questions with them

Clarification (9-10 minutes) • Draw students atttention to the target language

-Now the students have the target language from the text -To encourage guided discovery ,before clarification and asking questions first give the students a minute to talk about the sentences with time expressions "What do they mean?" "Are there any diffferences?" -Now go over the examples one by one 1.Check the meaning Ask questions about meaning CCQs use timelines for concept checking and presentation 2. check form What comes after and before these past time expressions 3. Check pronounciation Where do we stress how many sylables do we have Mark the stress on the WB Drill individually then Chorally first the word as an individual item then in a sentence. - after you have clarified M/F/P ask one or two questions to do some checking

controlled practice (6-7 minutes) • To concept check and prepare students for more meaningful practice

- Put 3 collumns on the WB, last, In and Ago -Tell the students to place card on the columns into the form it takes - Place the first card as an example to model instructions -Let the students place the cards they check in with their partners before they place -Teacher will monitor during the activity - Go through the word they only have a problem with

Semi-controlled practice (4-5 minutes) • To concept check further and prepare students for freer practice

- Tell the students to think about the first time they had a mobile phone use a digital camera Buy a CD Send an email Buy music online - tell the student to ask each otherabout these things for example ,when did you first had........ -Monitor and take notes for error correction

Freer Practice (5-6 minutes) • To provide freer practice of the Target language

-project topics on the WB -For example, tell each other when you first did the things Do you still ude the same technology now Are you good with the new technology -Move the students to change partners as much as possible -ask the students some of the things they learnt about their partners

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