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Grammar- Singular Negative Form / Serdar Yılmaz / 22.03.2016
Beginners level


In this lesson, students learn about the singular negative form through PPP. The lesson starts with a warmer ( matching game ). There will be some writing and speaking practises via a true or false activity in the context of famous people and places.


Abc face2face , Cambridge University Press )

Main Aims

  • To provide grammar- To introduce and practise the singular negative form of 'to be' in the context of famous people and places.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide skills to give sts controlled speaking practice.


Warmer / Lead-in (8-9 minutes) • Setting up the lesson context and engaging students to TL.

stage1 )T will use country pictures and put them on the wb, ask Ss if they knew what countries are they. After eliciting answers next step T will set pairs, asking one s in the pair to come and pick a card from front table to guess the nationalities of the people on the card and which country it is belong to. On this stage T may ask one s in the pair will write the final answer to the board. stage2) T will point Babek is from Iran and he is Iranian. ( T building bridge between country and nationality) T will observe writing and speaking skills.

Presentation / negative form (4-6 minutes) • To introduce the target language and to help students with meaning, form and pronunciation

T introduce 'not' to class and explain that we use 'not' to make a verb form negative by a gap fill activity.To do that: T elicit the negative form from sts by asking ( i am from Turkey, am i Brazilian? T looking for answer no) On this stage T will write down "not" written form on the wb. T writing form on the board to create a written form. Asking CCQ ( pointing English man and asking İs he Russian? Looking for the negative answer ) On this stage T will introduce i"m not is contracted form of i am not. T writes it on wb.

Controlled Practice / gap filling activity and writing the correct sentence activity (11-13 minutes) • Students will repeat and practice the TL

Lesson moves onto a controlled stage to encourage sts to use their language skills. Starting with gap filling activity where sts will practice negative form. Teacher monitoring their work taking notes and writing correct form on the wb. After being introduced to TL sts will make the sentences negative and writing the correct sentences. Using the activity number 9 on the work book. Sts will work in pairs. T will monitor sts and support them where it is needed. T may use visial aid and write answers on the wb. On this activity T may anwer number 3 and 4 to encourage sts with the rest ( 5-6-7-8-9-10) T check on time to make sure they have enough time for the rest of the lesson. If not than let sts answer (5-6-7) only. T will monitor sts understanding and skills. T will give feedback to support sts activity. Sts can discuss the answers on open pairs.

Production ( freer practice ) (13-15 minutes) • Sts to carry out activities to show they can use the tought language in a much freer way.

To do that: T will start with two samples on the work book. On this stage T introduce speech bubbles to teach "i think that" a way to give opinion and the answer "yes,you"re right or no you"re wrong. In the final stage Sts will carry on working on pairs. Sts will write two sentences, one true one false and will ask other pairs which one is which. T monitors, prompts and corrects gently.

Summary (1-2 minutes) • To correct any common mistakes sts made and give feedback.

T gets class back together and shares common errors, notes etc. Final greeting.

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