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To extend Ss ability to use functional language of asking/answering about jobs & where people living using 3rd persons singular & plural.


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Main Aims

  • To extend Ss ability to use functional language of asking/answering about jobs & where people living using 3rd persons singular & plural.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking, listening


Alternating Circle Walk/Standing Activity/Stage One (12-15 minutes) • Provide opportunity for Ss to practice questions and answers they’ve learned in a previous lesson. Also, to introduce 3rd person singular.

Prep: -Write the familiar phrases on board. (What’s your name? Where are you from? What do you do?) Steps: 1. Grab 8 Ss and form them into two circles, four inner and four outer 2. Hold up phone, point to ear, and say, when you hear the music (grab the outside four to walk in a circle), start walking. Mime if necessary 3. Then say, when the music stops, you stop (and literally stop the four walking on the outside). Turn to face your partner (turn Ss to face inner partner) 4. Have one of the inner St ask the first question on the wb 5. Have the outer St answer, then ask the second question 6. They repeat until they both have had a chance to ask and answer all the questions 7. Do a practice run with the group of 8 8. Wave those still seated to come over and join 9. Organize Ss so the numbers are even 10. Play music for a few seconds 11. Make sure Ss are walking in correct direction 12. Stop music 13. Check that each person is looking at a partner in across from them 14. Walk around and listen for correct sentence use 15. Repeat steps 10-14 once more 16. One the second round, pick a pair and ask the St B, what is her/his name? while pointing to St A. 17. Listen for 3rd person singular use in the answer 18. Pick a new pair and ask St A, where is she/he from? while pointing at St B 19. Again, listen for 3rd person singular use in the answer 20. Make pronunciation corrections as needed 21. Turn on music for the last time 22. Rpt 15-19 23. Provide praise to Ss and a motion for them to take a seat.

Occupation Call Out/Seated/Stage Two (10-12 minutes) • To practice 3rd person singular further, and to introduce 3rd person plural.

Steps: 1. Select a St and ask them to stand 2. Ask St “what do you do?” 3. After you hear the answer, point to the St and say “she/he is a/n _(teacher)_” 4. Motion for class to repeat after you 5. After they rpt, keep St standing and ask for other _(teachers)_ to raise their hands* 6. Then ask/gesture them to stand as well 7. In large gestures pointing at those standing, say “they are _(teachers)_.” 8. Motion for Ss to rpt 9. Then point to just one St and say again, “he/she is a/an _(teacher)_” 10. Wait for Ss to rpt 11. Motion to the large group and state the 3rd person plural phrase again 12. Listen for correct forms of the verb and –s 13. *If no one else has the same job, thank St and motion for St to take a seat 14. Repeat 1-5 until you find a job more than one St has 15. Test Ss comprehension by switching they for he/she or vice-versa. Be obvious about it so they have an opportunity to catch it 16. Have Ss take their seats and congratulate them on work well done

(Optional Activity) Job Flashcards/Seated (8-10 minutes) • Further check students comprehension of 3rd persons singular and plurals

1. Hold up image with a single person in it, and ask Ss “what is she/he?” 2. Be sure they answer in complete sentences using 3rd person singular 3. When you reach an image with 2+ people, pause and allow time for Ss to reflect 4. Ask, “what are they?” 5. Again, listen for correct forms of the verb and –s 6. When you are sure the Ss have had enough move onto the next activity

Where’s he/she from?/Seated/Stage Three (12-15 minutes) • Students fill in the gaps with answer and question skills using 3rd persons singular and plural

Steps: 1. Hand out Part B to Ss in pairs 2. Motion for no writing 3. ICQ 4. You have part B and show them the letter in the upper left hand corner 5. I have part A 6. Do you have all the information? Ss will say no. 7. I have information that you don’t have- and quickly flash my sheet (but long enough for them to see) 8. With my finger, point to the first line and say “Lee is from Hong Kong. What’s his job?” 9. Prompt class to answer your question. 10. Rpt until they understand 11. Pass out sheet A 12. Say A’s goes first while motioning #1 with my finger 13. Then say B’s go second while motioning #2 with my fingers 14. When you hear the answer, write on your paper 15. Demonstrate with pen in hand writing on paper 16. Tell Ss to sit back-to-back 17. Helped them to sit back-to-back 18. Listen for complete sentences 19. When Ss have finished pick out a St to read the first one out to the class, and so on 20. As they are reading them out, write answers out on the wb 21. Highlight plural tenses

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