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Gr 6_SEM1_Wk 16
Grade 6 level


Students review vocab and the as...as construction, have some conversations, and play a game


Main Aims

  • students practise skills, learning new ways to apply already learned vocab

Subsidiary Aims

  • students compete in a fun way


intro (4-4 minutes) • set a context of clothes

Play song.

review vocab (10-12 minutes) • review vocab and grammar

Go through the slides and review the clothing vocab. Introduce a few more adjectives that kids will use to describe clothes.

semi-controlled practice (6-10 minutes) • students make sentences via gap fill

Put up the gap fill slide and get Ss to read each, filling in with their choice of word. After they've had some examples let them talk in pairs, then call up students to speak in front of the class.

free practice (14-18 minutes) • students play a game, while still focussing on grammar

Split the class in team A and B (could be 3 if the class is really big). Call up a kid from every team. Give them two words, e.g. "grandma" and "dress" or "dress" and "big", and they have to write (on the board) an as...as sentence with these words. Don't worry about spelling but do worry about grammar, i.e. if they are missing a word like "is" it doesn't count. Their team can help shout out hints. First to get a grammatically correct sentence on the board wins a point, then pick new kids. In between rounds you can correct spelling, eliciting correct spelling from the class. You can use the provided web page to generate words. (Download the web page onto a USB and you won't need internet to open it)

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