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TP 2a Functional Langauage
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, Sts will learn to distinguish between suggestions and invitations. Sts will practice speaking in dialogues in functional language to demonstrate understanding and develop fluency.


Abc S-WB handout
Abc Transcript handout
Abc Invitations & suggestions Forms PPT

Main Aims

  • For sts to revise speaking invitaions & suggestions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give sts semi-controlled speaking practice to develop their spoken accuracy.
  • Encourage sts to speak openly, particularly the more reluctant students.


Lead in (1-5 minutes) • Distinguish between inviting and suggesting.

I will ask a student to enter room making the gesture of beckoning with my hand for him to enter the room. As I do this, I will instruct the std who came in to repeat the action of beckoning to the next std behind him and so on. We'll read these as an introduction to the ex 1 and we'll elicit responses from sts as to difference between the two terms.

Test sts understanding of form (3-8 minutes) • Model an invitation & suggestion sentence along with their responses.

I will model the first sentence of Ex 1 with all three verbs and the responses. As WC sts will select appropriate verb and response. Sts will work in pairs and practice speaking to ea. other to complete ex 1 choosing the correct verb / response. Sts will be given the transcript and check the answers with their partner.

Revision of forms of target language (3-5 minutes) • Sts will check answers to transcript for accuracy

We will check via ppt the incorrect forma vs the correct and isolate the correct form. The final slide will contain all corrected forms and will continue to be displayed as a reminder for the sts to use the correct form.

Controlled Written Practice (4-7 minutes) • Sts will practice & learn the correct verb forms to complete sentences.

I will model the first sentence of the dialogue from ex 2 on the board and elicit response from students as to the correct verb form to use. Sts will work in pairs and complete ex 2 and we'll correct as a WC.

Controlled Oral Practice (3-5 minutes) • Allow sts to practice speaking using the target language.

We'll explain that the dialogue of ex 2 is between Lucy and Dan and that Lucy is trying to invite Dan out and Dan is responding either affirmatively or negatively. Sts will complete ex 2 with the responses of ex 3. They'll check their ans. in pairs and then as a class. Emphasis on pronunciation and form.

Controlled Oral Practice (5-8 minutes) • For sts to speak fluently with proper pronunciation

We will go back to the sentences modeled on the board, emphasize correct form, and elicit and drill for speech and enunciation of forms as WC. After this, we'll PW with sts practicing dialogue among themselves. I'll monitor and correct as needed.

Semi-Controlled Oral Practice (3-7 minutes) • Sts will verbally practice extending invitations and responding.

Sts divided into pairs and given two sets of cards; one with the name of a place, the other with the response; either yes or no. Std will make an invitation using the card and target vocabulary, second student will use the "yes" or "no" card and respond appropriately. I'll monitor for correct usage of form, intonation, and correct usage of target vocabulary.

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