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Functional phrases
Intermediate level


In this lesson, sts learn about useful phrases in the context of gadgets. The lesson starts with a discussion on inspector gadget (müfettiş gadget), and about his favourite gadget(s). Then sts listen to a recording where different people describe their favourite gadgets and have to match these descriptions with the corresponding pictures. They will then have to complete a table by matching some phrases from these descriptions with their corresponding category (purpose, appearance, material) . Then sts will practice pronunciation and functional phrase structures by repeating these sentences. In the following activity, sts will have to use the same table, and match words from a new set of words and phrases into the same three categories. Sts will then work in pairs to describe the purpose, appearance and material of two objects found on HO1. To finish, sts will work in pairs and describe to their partner their favourite gadget.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of functional phrases (grammar and vocabulary) in the context of gadgets.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice by using functional phrases in the context of gadgets


Lead-in (3-4 minutes) • To introduce the lesson activate schemata, and engage sts in the lesson

I will first start the lesson and introducing the topic of 'gadgets' by showing a video clip of inspector gadget. Following this I will get the sts to discuss about the different gadgets that the character has (even if the sts don't know the cartoon very well they can discuss this briefly after having watched the clip).

Functional phrases, first approach (6-7 minutes) • Listening and reading how to form useful phrases

I will then play the recording about the favourite gadgets and give out a HO to sts. I will tell them that after having read and payed attention to the listening, they will have to match these descriptions to the correct images to be found on their HO (4 descriptions and 6 images, they have to decide which is which). Quick WC FB. (a:6; b:1; c:5; d:4).

Useful phrase structures (6-7 minutes) • To provide sts with the base form of these functional phrases

Based on the previous exercise, I will elicit from sts, how they recognized these three objects, i.e. through purpose, appearance and material. I will then give the sts a second HO, and tell them to fold it under the columns and only look at the top part. I will tell them that they have to place the highlighted phrases in the conversations from HO1 into the table, in the right categories, I will ICQ to make sure they have understood that each phrase goes only into one category. I will then get them to check with their partners. The AK will be stuck under each table, although the sts work individually and check in pairs they will be seated around unifying 'islands' (should be about three tables all together, depending on number of sts).

Listening to structure and pronunciation (5-6 minutes) • Enabling sts to acquire the correct formulation and pronunciation of functional phrases

I will read out the phrases from the previous exercise and get sts to repeat chorally the useful phrases. I will then ask them for repetition in either in groups or individually.

Expansion of use of functional phrases (7-8 minutes) • Gradually getting the sts to use the functional phrase structures, with different vocabulary provided by the teacher

I will tell sts to unfold HO2 and look at all the words in the box. I will make sure that they understand that the words in the upper part are as important as those in the lower picture glossary part, and that they have to use all of them. ICQs (Are we going to use all of these words or only a few of them?). I will tell sts they have to work in groups and that they have to do the same as with the previous exercise, but with new words and phrases this time. I will check that they understood once more that each word/phrase only goes into only one category, and that the categories are unrelated. ICQs (Are we going to match the words in the different categories or do we only put one word into one category?). For FB I will get sts to come to the WB and fill the blanks on the slide I will project on the WB. For FB, I will then check with sts if there are any mistakes and get sts to come and correct them on the WB. Once they have corrected these I will elicit from them what words or phrases have gone into which category (e.g. verbs into the purpose category, adjectives and sometimes objects/ into the appearance category, and nouns for the material category).

Speaking (7-8 minutes) • To get sts to practice the knowledge through listening and reading and to use these functional phrases in semi-controlled practice

I will change groups around (depending on the number of sts in the classroom I will give a number for each, up to half the number of sts, the two sts with the same number will be partners). Each pair will then have to discuss and describe the purpose, appearance and material of objects number 2 and 3 from HO1 ( jewellery organiser and hair straightener). For FB, I might get a few pairs to tell their descriptions to the whole class.

Speaking free practice (6-7 minutes) • To get the sts to use their own knowledge and to get them to enter discussions about themselves discuss about themselves using these useful phrases

I will then get sts to describe their own favourite gadgets to their partners using the useful phrases.

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