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TP 8b- Mystery
Elementary Level level


In this lesson, the ss will practice productive skill writing and receptive skill reading in the context of mystery. They will read a mysterious story for gist and detailed tasks and practice speaking skills for fluency. Then, they will brainstorm the ideas of telling a story. After that, the ss will practice their writing skills as a whole class activity and then there will be error correction&feedback.


Abc Speaking and Writing Exercise

Main Aims

  • to provide practice of writing productive skill in the context of a mystery

Subsidiary Aims

  • to provide practice of reading receptive skill in the context of mystery


Warmer/Lead-in (7-9 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

After greeting, the T presents the topic by telling that she is a kind of psychic and asks if they know the meaning of this word. Then, the T tries to elicit it and explains that she can read minds. To show this talent, she plays a game named black mind. The T asks the ss to choose an object inside the class while she isn't looking at them (or outside the classrom but this way is not suitable). Then she chooses a S to show different objects and ask her if the chosen object is that. She has to explain the game only to this S before the class. Then, after asking a few items, the S shows a black item and then the chosen object. This black item is the clue since the chosen object comes after it. Then, Ss asks Qs in pairs and tries to guess their answers e.g. What season do you like most? etc.

Gist and detailed reading (8-10 minutes) • To provide students with less challenging gist and detailed reading tasks

Before giving the reading text, the T asks them guess "police sometimes ask psychics for help or not". Then, for gist reading, she gives the text and they scan the text if they guess it correct or not. After that, the T gives a handout including the detailed questions and asks them answer. Then, the Ss discuss in pairs if mind readers can really help the police.

Brainstorm (5-6 minutes) • to find some ideas about the topic and stories

The ss brainstorm in groups of 3-4 to find some ideas about stories e.g. what kind of stories do you like and why? what are the specific things of a story e.g. the main character, where and when happens this story, how is the weather, how do the characters feel? etc. They write the ideas down.

Production (13-15 minutes) • to provide practice of writing skill

There is a whole class writing activity. The ss write a sentence and then each one gives the paper to the peer next to her/him. Then, they write the second sentence related to the first one. Then, they fold the first one and give it to the peer next to her/him. This means each ss can see only the previous sentence while writing. This continues till a round is completed. Then, each one reads the story they have and then completes the story.

Error Correction&Feedback (5-6 minutes) • to provide error correction&feedback on the ss' writing

The ss change their stories with their partners and check the to correct errors. The T monitors effectively to give prompt feedback. Then, The ss stick their stories on the walls then read them and talk about them later.

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