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Learning family vocabulary
Elementary level


Abc Matching pictures with words

Main Aims

  • To practise listening skills

Subsidiary Aims

  • Functional language and speaking


Warmer/Lead In (6-10 minutes) • elicit ideas about the topic

T writes scrambled letters on the WB and asks SS to guess what the word is by putting the words together in order. T asks SS what's an example of a special day? SS say "birthday". once the meaning is clear, I will drill on the pronunciation of the "th" sound. T asks SS to match the pictures from handout # 1 (exercise 1 page 26) with the special days they see written on the WB. T asks SS to check their answers with a partner. T does WC FB.

Pre-listening (3-5 minutes) • Teaching vocabulary words related to special days and ordinal numbers

T asks SS to look at the numbers written on the WB. T ask SS to read them aloud. T asks SS to tell her about the order of the numbers. T writes their answers and drills on the pronunciation of 1st. 2nd. 3rd, etc...

Listening (7-10 minutes) • Listening for gist and listening for specific information

Skim listening: T asks SS to listen to 5 conversations (R 3.7) and try to figure out which special day they are talking about. T plays the recording while students listen. T writes numbers 1 2 3 4 5 on the WB and waits for SS' answers. T asks SS to check for answers with their peers. Scan listening: T asks SS to listen to the same 5 conversations for a second time but now they are answering the following question: "what relationship do these people have?" T waits for SS' answers. T writes the answers on the WB.

Controlled practice. (8-15 minutes) • To practise using ordinal numbers

1st Task: T asks SS to pick a strip of colored paper. Once SS are paired up, T shows handout # 2 to SS and asks them to complete the sentences by writing the missing letters. SS check for answers with their partner then T does WC FB. 2nd Task: T ask SS to sit back to back with their partner. T demonstrates with one S. T gives S a list of numbers (Handout # 3) that he or she must say aloud to me. I write the number that I hear. T asks SS to do the same with their partner. SS check answers with each other. Once they finish T ask SS to switch roles. SS check again with their partner for answers and T does WC FB.

Production and practice (8-12 minutes) • Speaking task

T demonstrates the next task by asking one S "when is your birthday?" S answers "November 10th". T pretends to write it down on handout # 4. T asks another S the same question and pretends to write the answer on the handout again. T tell SS to do the same with all their classmates. T asks some ICQ's "Are we supposed to ask questions? yes. Are we supposed to write the answers down?" yes. T asks SS to stand up and find a classmate. Once SS finish, T does WC FB.

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